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Announcement 1: New logo finalized!

Announcement 2: Anniversary Merchandise (Shadow Play Hoodie and 5 types of Shadow Play Mugs)!

Announcement 3: Gura Nendoroid Re-release!

Announcement 4: Pixiv collaboration! Enter to win!

Announcement 5: New outfits coming soon!

This Shiny Smily Story is so wonderful!😭

[Anime] Danger: Sharp Objects by hololive in Hololive

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Mel: (You're/It's) the Dango San Kyoudai (Three Dango Brothers) Wiki.

Reference: A popular (children's?) song released in 1999. It was a MAJOR success and debuted at #1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly singles charts, with over one million copies. (ordinarily I would link to the original video but it doesn't seem to have ever been officially uploaded)

Rushia: You mean sisters.(since they're all girls)

Unfortunately, the punchline only works in Japanese due to the reference so we decided to localize it to a pun related to the main story.

Hope this helps.


P.S. /u/once-and-again spotted the other reference. Very good.

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No asking favors from staff, please!



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Arurandeisu 2nd Anniversary Merchandise! by BRP_25 in Hololive

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Sorry about that. Reinstated. Seems like the silly bot is acting up... Will bonk it!