What was the weirdest thing the weird kid did at school? by Imaginary_East5786 in AskReddit

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Alright, it's time for my story; There was this kid named Tyler who looked like a weirdo, he had black hair and pale skin, but he didn't do anything strange.

Until one day, after recess, we were getting ready for maths when Tyler came into the classroom and stood in front of the class. He then pulled his shorts down and released the most monstrous fart i've ever heard, the stench was so powerful i could just smell it from three seats away.

The teacher got pissed and Tyler ran away with his bare butt still exposed, i don't know what happened to him afterwards.

[HR] Spider Legs by Imaginary_East5786 in shortstories

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Thanks for the honest review, i'm still trying to improve my writing.

Can you also please review my first story "My Life as a Wolf Girl" it's not getting much upvotes as this one

[HM] My life as a Wolf Person by [deleted] in shortstories

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I'm trying my best to make my stories sound good, i'm trying my hardest to not make them sound like cringy erotica stories.

I made this so i could someone at least chuckle for fuck sakes...

Maybe later, i might rewrite this to make it sound better. Thanks for the criticism...