Police Car Procession in Columbus, OH by Relative-Positive418 in Columbus

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I live close to the area, it looked like some sort of motorcade to me, but I didn’t see the beginning

Am I ugly or nah? Suggestions welcome. by [deleted] in amiugly

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Keep your bangs, you look really cute with them! If you don’t, you might want to do your eyebrows. Overall, you’re really cute!

This is awkward…. by wavesofpablo in TheKillers

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A group of great artists inspiring another great one, what makes music so great!

How many cats is a red flag? by alaskastulips in dating_advice

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Zero, yes having no cats is a red flag 😂

Any other women who just never get approached? by [deleted] in dating_advice

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Are you absolutely sure it’s your body language and not something else? Go to the two x chromosomes page, you’ll find an endless supply of stories of women being harassed by men, in most cases, the woman in the story gave clear signs she did not want to be bothered or approach by anyone. Somehow, in nearly every post, they still have to deal with men trying to talk to them.

How many guys are comfortable with dating a taller woman ? by [deleted] in OnlineDating

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I’m a 5’8 man, I wouldn’t have a problem with dating a taller woman than me. The only reason I don’t approach them is because I view it as a waste of time and energy since the overwhelming majority of women prefer to date a man that’s taller than them.

What profile clichés do you notice the most? by Neckties-Over-Bows in OnlineDating

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Most of the clichés have already been mention , but the one I haven’t seen was the one where they profess their love/enthusiasm for the Oxford comma. This has been around since the days of OkCupid. It’s an automatic swipe left for me, they might as well say they’re uncreative and bland.

Curious what y’all have to say, I wanna see myself from someone else’s eyes by Bonsai_bitchass in amIuglyBrutallyHonest

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You dress like a pimp from the 80s, change your style. Shave you mustache too, I think you would look better without it. Have you tried experimenting with your hair? I think you should try to give it some more volume, try it out, it might look better that way.

People who had sex with a celebrity, how was it? by -DarkLuna- in AskReddit

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The closest I got was matching on tinder with a member of the women’s US National hockey team 😂

I struggle with ppd and general anxiety. what do you guys think? I've never found myself attractive. by [deleted] in amiugly

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You’re inbox must be flooded with men trying to message you 😂

There are over 200 cities or towns in the US with 100k+ population. by TTCBoy95 in fuckcars

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I’m so glad I live downtown, I can pretty much walk to all the venues, it might be a long walk, but it’s still very doable.

30F, Yes, Weight’s an issue. by [deleted] in amIuglyBrutallyHonest

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You’re actually pretty, thin or thick

There are over 200 cities or towns in the US with 100k+ population. by TTCBoy95 in fuckcars

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I recently moved to Columbus, and I have really only seen the core of the city, roughly where COTA routes 1 and 2 pass through. I really don’t travel outside the short north, downtown, and other adjacent neighborhoods because other COTA bus routes aren’t that great. That’s either because they drop me off at weird locations, they don’t run frequently enough, or service ends too soon. Luckily for me, the core of the city is where everything interesting is located, so I don’t really have a need to travel outside of it.

(26F) Curiosity got the best of me, lay it all out by [deleted] in amiugly

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You’re really cute! You look the prettiest with the hair style in picture three!

(23F) Opinion of myself changes daily, I have no idea by [deleted] in amiugly

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You look like Lorde, you’re attractive 😂