Gay marriage support in the US reaches its highest level ever (tied with 2022) -- at 71%. Among those aged 18-29, 89% support. by Bisexual_Slut in politics

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With all its unpopular positions -- from anti-LGBTQ policies to anti-choice policies to pro-gun policies -- it's no surprise that the GOP has had to rely on terrorism and electoral ratfuckery.

They wouldn't need to do this if they tried to reflect the will of the people instead of thwarting the will of the people

Cornel West announces he’s running for president by ceaguila84 in politics

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This actually makes everything progressives want less likely.

Cornel West announces he’s running for president by ceaguila84 in politics

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Why do all these third parties only pop up when it's time to ratfuck a presidential election?

I mean, I am no fan of the two-party system either. I would love a third party too. But at least make some effort to build a platform and local support before hopping into the presidential election. That would actually enhance chances on a national level.

Where was the People's Party in 2022 or 2018 in state legislative races, at the county level, or even gubernatorial races?

Newt Gingrich claims Democrats have a ‘passion’ for stealing elections by Jeffreyxu0927 in politics

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Without Gingrich, there would have been no Trump and no coup attempt. So much US political dysfunction can be traced back to 1994.

Navy removes Pride Month posts from Instagram, Twitter accounts by IndyMLVC in politics

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The move is the latest in a string of Pentagon efforts to shy away from culture wars, with top Defense officials earlier this week moving to ban drag performances on all military installations.

  1. Being supportive of a traditionally marginalized group is not a "culture war." Republicans attacking those groups is a culture war.
  2. The US armed forces is ok fighting fascists halfway across the world, but apparently shies away from offending the ones right on our own soil.

Everything is coming up Biden - The president’s had a string of recent wins. So why do his numbers suck? by glorytocalifornia in politics

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Biden tripping and falling got more coverage than the actual contents of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Policy is kind of opaque to most people. So, instead of trying to explain policy and its implications, media outlets would rather focus on bloopers and interpersonal conflicts.

Classified document Trump admitted he had on tape is now missing, report says by theindependentonline in politics

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It only crossed Trump's mind to commit crimes this egregious because Republicans made sure he got away with everything else leading up to this point.

In other words, this could have been prevented by holding him accountable when he was testing the waters in 2016 and 2017.

Now he just openly commits crimes against the country because he has no reason to think he'll ever be held accountable.

Why isn’t 72 hours enough for Republicans to read a short bill? by Huplescat22 in politics

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I'd just like to point out that it has long been a tactic of GOP state legislators to provide their Democratic colleagues literally hours to review intricate bills before holding a vote.

Discussion Thread: House Debates and Votes on Passage of Debt Ceiling and Budget Bill at 2 p.m. Eastern by PoliticsModeratorBot in politics

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No one is happier today than Janet Yellen, who has been chain smoking for like three months straight.

Ron DeSantis says he will ‘destroy leftism’ in US if elected president by oranjemania in politics

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How could you ever vote for someone who speaks with such contempt about the very people he is supposed to govern?

He's saying that he plans to destroy nearly half of the country. That wants to use his power against Americans -- not for Americans.

That's about as fashy as it gets.

But herein lies a key tactical difference between modern-day Dems and modern-day Republicans:

Dems attempt to persuade and attract as many Americans as possible, reaching across historical dividing lines (with varying levels of success).

By contrast, Republicans always try to cleave the country apart and hope that their slice of the country is large enough and energetic enough to win elections. This strategy requires that their voters view their countrymen as enemies.

Texas Republicans pass voting bills targeting large Democratic count by davster39 in politics

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The sad part is that they absolutely could win legally and ethically.

But they have stopped even trying.

Full List of House Republicans Who Plan to Vote Against Debt Ceiling Deal by DarronFeldstein in politics

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The whole goal of the GOP extremists was to inflict pain on the American people to improve their chances in the next election.

Either it would happen through default.... or it would happen through the onerous terms of a negotiated deal.

But Biden got a deal that -- while not ideal -- won't necessarily inflict the sort of pain the extremists were hoping for.

Progressives Condemn Biden-GOP Debt Ceiling Deal as 'Cruel and Shortsighted' — "For no real reason at all, hungry people are set to lose food while tax cheats get a free pass." by Picture-unrelated in politics

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All I'm going to say is that it's easy to be a zero-compromise purist when you're not the one trying to protect the world economy from literal extremists who would happily throw millions into unemployment if it would earn them a 2-point bump on 538.

Arguably, Dems aren't really in a worse position than they would have been after the next round of budget negotiations. This was not the bloodbath that I had expected.

White House and G.O.P. Strike Debt Limit Deal to Avert Default by BettercallMyself in politics

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I mean, there were going to be cuts at the time of the next budget negotiation, simply because Republicans hold the House. Having McCarthy as Speaker is not the same as having Pelosi as speaker.

So, I don't really feel like Dems really gave up much more than they would have had to give up anyway. I expected the outcome of these negotiations to be even worse for the country.

I just hate that the global economy had a knife to its throat.

The debt ceiling is just a reminder of how much time politicians devote to issues that are totally manufactured. The debt crisis, CRT, trans rights, "weaponization of government." It genuinely feels like less than 50% of the energy expended in US politics is focused on substantive issues.

DeSantis' Disney feud will backfire in 2024, key Florida Republican says by BelleAriel in politics

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Say what you want about Disney the corporation, but Disney the brand is beloved the world over.

People like Disney more than they like DeSantis.

Moreover, people have grown up with Disney. So, the right-wing conspiracy theory that Disney is indoctrinating children or engaging in grooming or whatever they're saying will seem outlandish to most people. In fact, this is probably one of the key stories that illustrates to the average American just how extreme DeSantis is.

DeSantis -- and frankly the right wing in general -- is waay too focused on the extremely online Facebook-obsessed voters who stay caught up on the Fox conspiracy du jour.

To everyone else, they just look fucking insane.

Poll: Most Americans say curbing gun violence is more important than gun rights by nosotros_road_sodium in politics

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It all comes down to who is willing to bribe politicians more: The gun lobby, flush with Russian money... or schoolchildren at risk of being gunned down.

DeSantis says ‘zero’ chance he will back down from dispute with Disney by Zhukov-74 in politics

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Florida lost a billion dollars because Ron DeSantis has a personality disorder.