Elephants on Mars - Range of the two martian elephant species if African elephants were brought to a terraformed Mars by gottekotte in imaginarymaps

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Lol I've seen dozens (and not even including figures like the one below* the map). All I'm saying was that elephants' dense body structures have evolved to deal with a higher gravity than elephants would be subjected to on Mars, and that they'd have adapted to this genetically long before you could even consider them as belonging to a separate species.

Elephants on Mars - Range of the two martian elephant species if African elephants were brought to a terraformed Mars by gottekotte in imaginarymaps

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What about the much lower gravity on Mars? Wouldn't this impact the elephants' shape as well as their size?

(Spoilers extended) Thoughts on George writing himself into a corner? Which dead character do you think he's talking about? by Kevinites in asoiaf

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I always suspected this might be Lady, Sansa's direwolf. In the original outline of the book, Sansa betrayed her family, and her direwolf dying signified her break with the Stark line. But we all know that's not what happened ...

What's a movie you like that everyone seems to hate? by 123andawaywego in AskReddit

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The original Beverly Hills Chihuahua from 2008. It's so hated that its current IMDb rating is something like a 3.6. It got panned upon release because some people only saw the first 30 seconds of the trailer and thought it was all about glamour and glitter, and the movie's reputation never recovered. Saying this as a guy in my 20s: it was a great movie with lots of heart that surprised me on every level. Ofc it's not Oscar-worthy material, but it never pretends to be. Totally overhated if you ask me.

Engineer models by Per451 in RedWingShoes

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Thanks, that's very enlightening! It's surprising that comfort posed a problem to people, I had significantly more trouble with breaking in my Iron Rangers and Mocs than with the engineers. I hope they might ever rerelease in a shape that can be less troublesome, as the engineers are about my favorite red wing boots.

Medical resident (doctor): medical specialist-in-training by toidigib in BESalary

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Can I ask you what medical specialty you're in? How do different medical specialties compare in terms of workload?

Books with as beautiful writing by Books1845 in KingkillerChronicle

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón's Shadow of the Wind series (not a name ripoff by the way, as it got published before NotW).

Is it possible that there are waterfalls somewhere in the remote Andes or Himalayas or elsewhere that are taller than Angel Falls? by Per451 in Waterfalls

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Extra note to clarify this post: obviously, Angel Falls has probably the biggest single drop of any known waterfall on Earth, but as far as I'm aware, several waterfalls that could rival it in height haven't been properly measured. An example of this are the waterfalls at Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval in the French Alps. Is it possible that there are any waterfalls in higher mountain ranges like the Andes or Himalayas that could be larger in height than the Angel Falls?

Replacing a word in a movie title with “fucker”, what’s would the title be? by 07md in AskReddit

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Star Wars: The Fucker Menace
Star Wars: Attack of the Fuckers
Star Wars: Revenge of the Fucker

Star Wars: A New Fucker

Star Wars: The Fucker Strikes Back

Star Wars: Return of the Fucker

Star Wars: The Fucker Awakens

Star Wars: The Last Fucker

Star Wars: The Fucker of Skywalker

Spinoff: Fucker One: A Star Wars Story