Nothing else to expect by faks2750 in goodnesss

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Old shits brainwashing boys and young men into murdering and dying over literally nothing.

Japanese Hentai Is Now Banned in Australia by PrincessMononokeynes in neoliberal

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“However, as I previously observed, the concern is that those who view anime will go on to view images of actual children being sexually abused."

Please, WHAT?

US sells oil seized from Iran to Venezuela for $40 million by Naderium in news

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Poorly worded headline. The oil was from Iran to Venezuela, seized by the US, and then sold elsewhere for $40m. It was not resold to Venezuela.

Edit: please don’t argue with me. I am not offering an opinion, it’s a TL;DR (now much shorter) about an article with a mistake in the headline.

Mall real estate company collected 5 million images of shoppers, say privacy watchdogs by bakoda99 in canada

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Also don't forget that their free wifi is just to track movements too.

Doesn't matter if you don't connect, as long as your Bluetooth or wifi is in, they'll have the logs to map your device's when and where.

The world’s largest seagrass restoration project is a huge success, restoring 9,000 acres of wildlife by cafbox in Permaculture

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Now if only we could stop the Arctic and Antarctica from melting. We’re absolutely fucked and no little amount of hopium like this is going to change that. For every one of these we have thousands of tiny oil spills and burning of excess fossil fuels that not only cancel it out but fuck us even more.

[World] - Officials: 'Minimal' risk Venezuela oil tanker will sink | ABC by AutoNewspaperAdmin in AutoNewspaper

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That is probably the result of some r/wallstreetbets yolo robinhood trader who lost on a long Futures Contract on Oil in April and March and got the stuff shipped to him.

Two week lockdown in El Paso begins at midnight tonight (Oct 29th) by tx_brandon in texas

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Now we wait for Governor Abbott or state legislators to attempt to intervene. Texas Republicans are a special kind of cruel and evil.

Right-wing fraudsters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman ordered to call back robocall victims, admit messages were false and illegal by Elranzer in Libertarian

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Oh but Republicans are still going to complain that the left is trying to rig the election with mail in voting, when time and time again we see Republicans doing the same thing they’re complaining about.

Trump officials end gray wolf protections across most of U.S. by TheDevilMerelyLaughs in news

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I had an asshole roommate in college that was a terror to get rid of. He left me in debt, smashed all the windows, even stole the toilet paper and light bulbs from me on his way out the door.

I think about him more and more as Shitgibbon is nearing his eviction.

Ex-cop-turned-lawyer admits cheating 9/11 worker of $900,000 by Few_Cheesecake4142 in nottheonion

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I read that as 911 worker and thought “wow, cheating a first responder out of a settlement that big? Super scummy.”

Opened the article and noticed the / in 9/11 and went “shit, it was bad but this is another level”.

Trump officials end gray wolf protections across most of U.S. by pipsdontsqueak in politics

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Gray wolves have not clearly displayed loyalty to Trump and Republicans.

Therefore, they must be killed.

Mail delays even worse across Pa., with 42% of Philly mail taking longer than 5 days by Yogurt789 in politics

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I just got my mail-in ballot and there's no way I'm mailing it to a courthouse that's a 10 minute drive from me.

I am absolutely taking it there and dropping it off myself.

Facebook reports a decline in users in the U.S. and Canada by StarryNight321 in technology

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It's a bad sign when a "social" network gives me the overwhelming desire to just be left the fuck alone.

It was fine when it was just college kids friending each other to make organizing parties easier. Now it's an assault on my senses with targeted advertising, fake news bots, push notifications, etc.....It's just one giant pop-up ad at this point.

White NYPD cop who broke into black woman's home, threatened her, resigns from force by mammothbones in byebyejob

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And he'll just find another job as a police officer somewhere else. There needs to be a national register for people like this so they can't just pick up where they left off.

Louisville police officer sues Kenneth Walker, boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, for emotional distress, assault and battery by polkad0ttie in nottheonion

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Well shit, maybe they shouldn't have been so fucking useless at their jobs and then they wouldn't have put themselves in that position?

That looks handy by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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They are called Inflatable Air Tool

That looks handy by Flretyop in nextfuckinglevel

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I purchased this to open a locked shelf, since the batteries died. It is heavy duty, I was quite impressed. It even pulled screws out. It worked like a charm to squeeze in a small gap and pry it open. It has many uses so I'm glad I have it for other projects.