Someone bought my Fly Fishing Rod for 1m by PredatorDuck in 2007scape

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So a couple of weeks ago I started playing again in F2P because I needed some distraction while watching some lectures and after not being able to put my fishing rod back into the bank due to all my members items going over the bank space limit, I jokingly chucked it into the GE for this price to keep it there in storage.

When I logged in this morning I had to do a double take after seeing it had actually sold which gave me quite a laugh.

So, whoever you are, I'm sorry but also thanks!

Japan vending machines to automatically offer free food if earthquake hits by [deleted] in worldnews

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I've read it once along the lines of "Japan is living in the 2000s imagined by someone from the 80s".

I've been there once and it's definitely ahead of the west in certain aspects, but also behind on other parts.

[DISC] The inescapable trap (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) by PredatorDuck in manga

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There's something ironic about me posting a comic about procrastinating while procrastinating...

Inescapable Sauce - MangaDex Compilation

[DISC] Overwhelming growth (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) by PredatorDuck in manga

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Probably not, the mods removed the Onee-san Exorcist oneshot too, so I'm not taking any chances.

[DISC] Overwhelming growth (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) by PredatorDuck in manga

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It's been a while since the last one as I had been a bit busy, someone DMed me who was interested in also doing some of these too, which would be great! I still had some of these lying around that were almost done, which got me motivated to finish them.

Growth sauce - MangaDex Compilation

Following a post earlier this day- how tf by HeartHeartwt in Terraria

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The Wall of Flesh and Hardmode were both added in the 1.1 update.

[DISC] Captive Princess Knight (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) by PredatorDuck in manga

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Since Holiday Yasumi posts at least one of these a day, I prioritize the ones I think are the funniest. Since all of them are self-contained one-shots it doesn't matter too much either. Not all of them work translated either, some require a bit of cultural context to understand the joke.

[DISC] Captive Princess Knight (Oneshot by @horideiyasumi) by PredatorDuck in manga

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When you expected something else but instead you get put on trial for your war crimes.

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