Top mind gets called out for spamming r/conspiracy, responds by explaining that it's not spam, they're just at the top of their game and everyone needs to join in the fight against Lucifer and the NWO. by PorridgeCranium2 in TopMindsOfReddit

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I'm wondering if they're just playing up a character to distract from the fact that OP was right, their karma is very suspect lately... who knows though, I've gone on rolls before where I hit the top post every day for a week straight without trying, so maybe they really are mentally ill and experiencing a high from that.

Top mind speculates on DMX's cause of death... [Link in comments] by PorridgeCranium2 in TopMindsOfReddit

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My wife was born in 1988, she still doesn't understand why I suggested she doesn't use her email address she's had since m high school on job applications

Seriously though. What is the fuckin deal with Top Minds falling for every larper who leaves a comment on the internet? Apparently group meetings at Antifa headquarters have just been confirmed. by TheThemeSongs in TopMindsOfReddit

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I can produce a year's worth of coffee sign-up sheets if they want proof. If you look at November 23rd of last year you'll find a very familiar name... George frickin Soros... now that's hard evidence he funds Antifa.

Top mind finally admits why vaccines make them feel uncomfortable... by [deleted] in TopMindsOfReddit

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Vaccine is bondage

It doesn't take a genius to sexualize being penetrated by a phallic object that squirts liquid... However it takes a top mind to find common medical side effects sexy. In their defense though, fever and chills do get a lot of people hot and bothered...

Please don't participate in linked threads

Top Mind wishes LeBron James would just shut up and tell everyone how much better black people had it in the early 1900s when things were segregated and the Jim Crow laws were in full effect. by TheThemeSongs in TopMindsOfReddit

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If LeBron started talking reality they'd find some girl to make rape accusations on him, something like that anyway. never fails.

Always trust... the rapist?; the victim of the elite's evil tactics to silence truth seekers.

Top mind blames Hunter Biden and his partner in crime, Hunter Biden's laptop, for the lacked off coverages regarding Matt Gaetz being involved in child trafficking. by PorridgeCranium2 in TopMindsOfReddit

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The Republican party wouldn't mind throwing him under the bus but Gaetz is the congressman who gave the insurrectionalists storming the Capitol a fist-pump and hangs out with alt-right white supremacists. The alt right (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) isn't going to lose a young poster boy in power over something 'silly' like statutory rape and sex trafficking.

Edit: corrected my mistake about Gaetz being the one who first pumped the insurrectionalists.