Any1 got a free Xbox modded acc gta ?? by koSlothy in GTA5Online

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Don’t even blame you who has the time for that

i feel like i’m insane for loving We by hashgraphic in arcadefire

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It’s nothing like their first couple albums and those are my life but this album I love also feel guilty for liking it cause I’ve always wanted an album like their first couple ones

Arcade fire is so strong by deanflonk in arcadefire

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Perfect yes you put into words what I couldn’t thank you that’s exactly how I feel I love music and have never had a band put me in the mood arcade has and it’s good to know other people dee the same

Why am I so sh*t? by ManiacalVampire in F1Game

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You’ll get better i love f1 and I was terrible you will learn and get better at each track

Act like this album came out today by zackandcodyfan in arcadefire

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This album is what I base my entire life around