Italy tour dates? by Murky-Nature-3966 in arcadefire

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It's very possible the rest of the band isn't crazy about Win's behavior, regardless of what he said. They love him as a brother and can see that he's been in a really fucked up mental space. If you're a decent person, you don't just up and walk away from someone you love when they're struggling. You try several other things first, from encouraging them to get help, to helping them see how they've hurt others, to tough love. Walking away is the last resort, especially when there's also a very successful band they also have to leave if they do.

i feel like i’m insane for loving We by hashgraphic in arcadefire

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It's always trendy to jump on a "love it" or "it sucks" bandwagon as a critic, so you'll always see things ebb and flow. Some critics tell you their honest opinion, and some just write shit to get paid/get clicks/feed their egos. It's nice when our favorites get praise, but if they don't, the music is still just as good for those who love it.

WE connects on a deep level for many of us - some people connect right away, and some come around to it. How it makes us feel and the meaning and enjoyment it brings us is all that matters. So, please love it - you don't need others to love it to validate your feelings. And please, go easy on yourself. :)

Slept in my Arcade Fire shirt. Woke up with the power out!! Keep it going. by [deleted] in arcadefire

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Slept in my Arcade Fire shirt. Woke up down a Rabbit Hole.

Allegations killed this sub by iredditireddit in arcadefire

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The sub will survive and the band will survive. What I don't understand is why people who say AF has been ruined for them are still hanging around here. You all say it's over for you. Well, it really isn't, is it?

At the corner of Race & Religious in New Orleans by bbrodsky in arcadefire

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I swung down there around 1pm to grab a snap. Had to get back to my hotel to grab my bags and head to the airport. Didn't explore any parks but did see a huge space full of parade floats nearby.

Krewe du Kanaval parade by pashasasha in arcadefire

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Yup, no sign of Win anywhere. He wasnt at the opening ceremony or Bal Kanaval earlier in the week, either.

Krewe du Kanaval and Mardi Gras, for anyone interested by deBASHmode in arcadefire

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Sorry, just seeing this. This year, AF don't appear to be involved beyond Regine. The Krewe organization doesn't want it to always be about rock stars, so the focus is on Haitian and Caribbean performers. Which is a freaking good time! It's a 4-hour flight from San Francisco for me and I'm glad I joined the krewe for the weekend.

Regine and dancers prepping for Kanaval parade. (From Instagram) by deBASHmode in arcadefire

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:( it's been really fun so far - hope you can make it next year!

Here's a video I filmed and edited of Cosmo Gonik who opened the WE tour in 2022, I know many of you enjoyed his energy and playlists, I hope you like this recap! by mysteryoussef in arcadefire

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Cosmo was a blast! He's performing Feb 9 at Krewe du Kanaval's member only opening night event in New Orleans, along with Boukman Eksperyans. It'll feel like another stop on the WE tour! Thanks for this!!

How could you still listen to this band? by LoneBell in arcadefire

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The music is just as amazing as it was before the Pitchfork article, and there's way more than one person in the band who had nothing to do with this. I'm there for them.

It's no secret Win can be a jerk and he took advantage of young, starstruck fans. I think if he had treated them thoughtfully and respected their boundaries, there probably wouldn't have been a Pitchfork article -- the kind of self-examination that led the accusers to speak out reveals they had regrets and/or trauma after all was said and done. I feel very sad for them. He sounds fucked up and that makes me sad for him -- I hope he will address his behavior in therapy.

The world isn't his oyster and he can't just do whatever he wants without consequences (that's true for everyone). I just hope that lesson was learned. Time will tell.

How could you still listen to this band? by LoneBell in arcadefire

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That's the thing. The band isn't bad at all - one person's behavior leaves a lot to be desired, but he/it does not constitute the greater entity that is AF.

Observation: AF explores aging through music, and why it's boss! by [deleted] in arcadefire

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I am old and childless and I agree. maybe the young ones could think about listening to the song as if they were a little kid, and it was their parent who wrote it for them. They might not really realize right now how precious childhood is. it definitely hits strongly with us older folks. I saw the band perform Lookout Kid live six times this year and I can’t count the number of people around me who had their kids with them, were holding them and crying during the song. It was beautiful.

Do People Know About Hank Schyma? He Might Be the Best Living Stormchaser by NecessaryEffective in tornado

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Hank cannot be topped as a filmmaker, his music as his scores is perfect, his scripts and delivery are uniquely his, and tha camera work is tremendous. We're so lucky he does what he does.