Hit that front brake a little too hard by Royal_Clog in motorcycles

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He didn't bother strapping his helmet on. He didn't realize that without a strap, a helmet is just a hat.

This happens to scooter riders so much that I had to sticky an announcement on /r/scooters to remind the guys and gals to strap their helmets on already dammit.

Hero order a bit silly?(NAME SPOILERS) by Xhcre in ClickerHeroes

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Well, Tsuchi is just a guy with a shovel. He digs holes. He's the guy who comes after the former end-game hero, the mysterious god Wepwawet, who temporarily makes Betty Clicker the most powerful hero with his benevolent superpowers.

I like how silly the game gets.

Anon Pirates Windows 10 sairte by Upbeat-Sound9900 in linuxmasterrace

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They'd spot the difference as soon as they noticed that it's actually useful out of the box though. I have no idea how Windows continues to be sold, considering you can literally do nothing with a fresh new Windows install without forking over tons of cash for anything and everything.

*Sky Yoink* by AristonD in AnimalsBeingJerks

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It's Enoshima. The hawks there have basically evolved into seagulls because it's easier to steal food from tourists than hunt it. They're so good at it that they've chased the actual seagulls away.

Weekly Complaint Thread - 08 April 2021 by AutoModerator in japanlife

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The state of emergency is over, so clearly that means that it's completely safe for people to travel hither and yon all across Japan. So my place of work has decided that everyone has to go into the office. It's not that everyone can go back to the office if they so choose, but everyone is required to go to the office.

Employees working for Japanese companies can't be trusted to make their own decisions about when to go to the office or not, of course, so they have to be told. It doesn't matter if the employees themselves judge it wise or foolish to go from, often, other prefectures, right to the heart of one of the most fashionable and busy parts of Tokyo. Employees simply aren't smart enough to make decisions like that. Managers are the only ones who can be trusted to decide when people are to be allowed--or, in this case--ordered back into the office.

I fucking hate working in Japanese offices now. Everything's open-plan, of course, to maximize interruptions.

There's the bucho who's in love with nothing more than the sound of his own voice, and spends his entire time barking at people. Good luck thinking when he's asserting how very important he is.

There are the anti-maskers who think that dicknosing or chinwarming totally counts as wearing a mask.

There are people who pop into the bathroom to have a cigarette, despite this being implicitly and explicitly forbidden.

Bring me back my nice quiet office at home. All is forgiven.

CB got an iphone 11 pro max instead of an iPhone 12 by ekerkstra92 in ChoosingBeggars

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I went 7 to 12 mini. The 12 has 5G, that's the major thing I was waiting for. Otherwise, everything the 12 can do, the 7 can do just as well (well, I don't do any video editing on my phone. The iPhone 12 is claimed to be faster than a PC for video rendering).

The fact that the 12 mini temporarily reverses the trend of phones getting bigger and bigger and bigger is just a bonus.

2021 recommendations by focusonyourability in printSF

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I enjoyed Artemis, but I recognize that it's a flawed piece of writing. The major flaw in it is that every character in it could be played, in the movie adaptation, by Ryan Reynolds. I include the Arabian girl who is the main character in that particular casting call. Sure, she says she's the child of Saudi Arabian parents, but she still acts like Detective Pikachu nonetheless.

What movie is a 0/10? by Astroboyosh in AskReddit

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Well, it's spelled Aang, with two As. Maybe M. Night Shyamalan is actually Dutch.

Of course white is not a race by thekrispytoe in confidentlyincorrect

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How come all those Republicans were so upset about Barack Obama? He's a white man after all.

Trump accidentally sanctioned Italian restaurant instead of Venezuelan oil firm during final days in office by ohnoh18 in politics

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No no, not just by itself. A bit of salt and pepper works wonders to bring the flavor out.

Now we are all "string" by GkAm1 in ProgrammerHumor

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Yeah, but in Perl, there are no types* which is why 5x5 is "55555", but "5" * "5" is 25, which is also "25" depending on how you look at it.

* This is of course, not true.

Are sport bikers and cruiser riders still at war? Not around here. by The-Duke-1776 in motorcycles

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The happiest biker I ever saw was a guy on a little 50cc Honda Super Cub. I encountered him in Saitama. His bike had Sapporo plates. It was also laden down with camping gear and a seeming library of maps. He was encrusted with dirt from the road (it was one of those summers where seemingly all of the sand from the Gobi Desert decided to blow over Japan). He was doing an epic journey across the entire country of Japan, on his tiny little Honda, and having the time of his life.

Dating for 3 months. Just returned from first weekend trip. He hasn’t made a move, ever. What in the world could the situation be? by ExtraDebit in datingoverthirty

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Nobody can read mind

This is the key takeaway from your entire comment.

If there isn't communication, there can't be any progress.

Heck, maybe the poor guy has been subjected to one too many lectures from the HR department saying that anything and everything is sexual harassment, and could get him fired, and he's not good at understanding that an actual date is a different context from a business meeting.

Tokyo's Uber Eats Week of Shame by HelloBlacknight69 in japanlife

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And they've been around for years and years. They have actual respect for the law, instead of being on the closest legal side of being a criminal gang they can manage to be.

Thank You Brooklynn 99 by DrDaksh in brooklynninenine

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Neither was M*A*S*H. The laugh track was added in post (although they just showed the film to an audience and recorded their reaction). In the UK, M*A*S*H was broadcast without the laugh track, and the DVDs allowed you to use the soundtrack with or without the laughter.

I need some book suggestions by illusivegman in printSF

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I found Blindsight too esoteric and hard to follow, so that's why I recommend The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe.

Is it okay if I give less than two weeks notice? by RiceandMango in JobFair

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If your company doesn't care about you and the environment is toxic, why should you care about them? I wouldn't give them five minutes' notice.