tbh by bitchlasagna_1310 in PewdiepieSubmissions

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I mean to be a prime minister of a country you must have huge following there don't you think?

Photonix Photo Organizer — April 2021 Round-Up by damianmoore in selfhosted

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just tried it out. really liked the UI. I will be eagerly waiting for it reach a "usable" state.

trying to do cronjob on a macOS macbook, but it doesn't appear to be working and stcuk by raisly_questions in linuxquestions

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Try complete path to script instead of relative path. cron job is not run from current working directory. you can also check system logs for more info.

grep CRON /var/log/syslog

Just received my keychron k2v2 keeb from meckeys. It's base model with white backlight & gateron reds. by Icy-Elk175 in mkindia

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how much time did it take to reach you? I ordered mine today but they don't show expected time yet.

Me_irl by NormieChad in me_irl

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Sponserblock is not supposed to remove that type of ads. A dedicated adblocker extension like ublock origin will do that. Sponserblock will automatically skips promotional parts inside the video itself.

Me_irl by NormieChad in me_irl

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use a browser add-on called sponserblock which automatically skips various types of segments in the video. The data is crowd sourced but very good. Modified YouTube app called vanced also support this add-on.

Me_irl by NormieChad in me_irl

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Now you can have ad free experience with ublock origin in Firefox on your android. Or just use modified YouTube app called vanced.

Attention! As of today, updating the VS Code Python extension automatically installs proprietary software on your computer! by gnuzius in linux

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They make it clear in the Python extension licence that pylance will be installed and it does not have same licence.

Firefox sync is awesome by BubsBilby in firefox

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it is so reliable that I use it to send clipboard content 😅. pasting in the ddg search and sending the tab does the trick.

Multiple distros considering removal of Chromium by etherealshatter in linux

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FYI latest chrome 88 has hardware decoding flag (which works atleast for me) and Firefox has equivalent one for some time.

How do I set up the fully connected layers for a Seq2Seq LSTM? by Pepipasta in pytorch

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No no need to loop over items in lstm_out. Lstm_out is a single tensor. Check docs to see its exact dimensions. One of the dimensions will be equal to sequence length. So you just need out = self.linear(lstm_out). Try it in code you and see dimensions of various things and you will understand.

How do I set up the fully connected layers for a Seq2Seq LSTM? by Pepipasta in pytorch

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As far as I understand you want to apply same linear layer on each position of LSTM's output. NN. LSTM outputs a tuple first member of which contains outputs at each position(see the doc). Now to apply linear layer to a tensor we just need last dimension to be same as input dim of the layer. All the previous dimensions will be preserved . As the last dim of first term in the tuple is hidden_dim passing it directly through the linear layer will be equal to applying same linear layer at each position. I hope it makes sense.

nearly 100% CPU usage by Xorg by dhanno65 in i3wm

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what is it? what does it do and how can I install it on ubuntu? also arch wiki says not to install it for newer intel cpus (including mine)

nearly 100% CPU usage by Xorg by dhanno65 in i3wm

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I am not sure how to check it but intel_gpu_top does show render/3D being used.