Got Geo’s, Deakin’s, and Avey’s signature on my 9:30 box set, now all I need is Panda (: by dinosaur_overalls in AnimalCollective

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I got Geo’s after an Animal Collective show in DC, he did a dj set afterwards down the street and I got it there (he also drew a bonefish on my shoes) I got Deakin’s at a solo show in Asheville, and Avey’s at a solo show on his cows tour in Asheville!

New John Cale ft. Animal Collective by Alien_Collaborative in AnimalCollective

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Same here! When the Velvelt Underground cover compilation came out I was really hoping to see There She Goes by Animal Collective. Still a good compilation I love I’ll be your Mirror by Courtney Barnett. Nothing beats that live video of There She Goes for me though

Avey’s new album, 7s, up on Apple Music with 2 new singles! by LSDWatergun in AnimalCollective

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I agree. I love Time Skiffs so much and I know the boys like to experiment with mixing and production just as much as sounds and songwriting but over all the née Avey singles sound a little more pleasing at first listen

Looking for a paid 1 on 1 class to help me learn? by DevilsKlaw in ableton

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Seed to Stage (an amazing instructor) has four classes, (composition and song writing, mixing and mastering, sound design, and live performance) that you can purchase on his website. It isn't one on one, but theres a lot of information and a discord community where he replies and other users share their experience and information. He also has a youtube page with free videos on certain subjects, but his classes are more in depth and a step by step instruction for how to use ableton!

Here's a link for his website to get the courses!- www.seedtostage.com

Here's a link for one of many of his free videos!- www.youtube.com/watch?v=eloNhh1zG6c

His videos have helped me so much

Avey has a new band? Dave Portner listed as a member of a band called 'Gator Pools' by cadywhompus in AnimalCollective

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Seen her open for Avey and was blown away! I was so excited when I read she was one of the band members

recs and opinions. by HeavyMolasses6320 in Topster

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Check out Strawberry Jam or Feels by Animal Collective. Merriweather Post Pavillion and Fall Be Kind too.

Person Pitch and Reset by Panda Bear

Since I left You and Wildflower by The Avalanches

Who else has an Animal Collective ringtone? by x_sillymasterrr in AnimalCollective

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My alarms are a mix of Surfers Hymn, HoneyComb, and Dragon Slayer

But when I really need to wake up it’s Forest Gospel

Can I just say… by _the_jacko_ in AnimalCollective

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Same here, my brother was and is a huge fan and I started listening to them right when Centipede HZ came out and it took me a while to really understand them as a band. It wasn’t until I was driving back from my aunts house in Lexington KY a year or so later when “Did you see the words” came on shuffle and I was absolutely hooked

Anyone else kinda bummed that their albums don’t come with any inserts! by Pibbexxtra in AnimalCollective

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I wish they came with more art too! My copy of live at 9:30 came with a replicated show poster that’s pretty cool but other than the ones mentioned already I can’t think of anything from all of them. Person pitch comes with a print of what I think is versions of cover art he was contemplating for the album!

My guy still has the same shirt from the show with the nose bleed! by _ahh_good_country_ in AnimalCollective

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For real! I’m pretty sure Deakin even wrote a song about it asking him if he’s sure that it’s down......down......dooooooown....down

Anyone know why Avey’s Down There on Spotify is totally different than it used to be? by yejebenabunna in AnimalCollective

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The same thing happened to me and I thought I was going crazy when o couldn’t find any versions titled “Whaddit I Done Brad” lol. I’m glad I can share this experience with somebody

Sullivan county NY by YounGod604 in mushroomID

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Not 100% but it looks like Reishi. They mainly grow on dead Eastern Hemlock trees. If you find many Hemlocks around the area the chance of it being Reishi would be a lot higher

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in microdosing

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I disagree to some extent. I do believe that if you’re going to continue MD’ing you should have a goal in mind and a reason to do so. I don’t particularly think that you have to from the start though. Some people may turn to it not knowing where to start in their lives, which in turn could give them a new perspective or new thought patterns, giving sight towards a right path for them that may have been out of sight before trying it.

simple drum loops by stripesnstripes in Splice

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No problem man! I love that pack! A lot of neat rythyms! I don’t know if you use Ableton or not but there is a max for live device called Touring Machine were you can put in a sample and lock part of the loop so it sounds more original! It describes it better in this video around 10:00 min mark! The video describes it a lot better and has a free download to the Touring Machine!