UNMATCHED after 19 anesthesia interviews! by [deleted] in medicalschool

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Got a link to the this thread? Can’t seem to find it

Residents, please be nice to your med students. You were once there. 😊 by Cauliflower_Bubbly_ in Residency

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Agree with this sentiment overall, but would caution encouraging students to stay late… could pressure other students to do the same when they could be better off studying

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Residency

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At my program (large IM class) we have: - 2-3 weeks of jeopardy - 4 weeks of vacation - 16 weeks of subspecialty outpatient/consult rotations with weekends off - 10 weeks of continuity clinic with weekends off

There’s a decent amount of times/weekends where we can make commitments, but I think this is largely possible bc we have a large program. I can see this being less feasible in surgical subspecialties with only a handful of residents covering multiple hospitals.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Residency

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Were you already aware of the possibility of being pulled off the outpatient rotation to cover?

My program also does jeopardy like this, and we’re told not to make any commitments/schedule any trips during these blocks for this reason.

(NOT A SHITPOST) Extremely conflicted whether or not to fail a medical student on my rotation with clear mental health issues by TrynaBeFitThrowaway in Residency

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Oh interesting. Must be institution/specialty specific. At my program the attending evaluation is weighted 75% and the senior resident’s is 25%. This is specific to the IM department; for other specialties, only attendings determine the clinical evaluation grade, though they will most often ask the residents for input/observations.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Noctor

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DNP per post history

Why do Residents complain so much about the work & hours? by PotentialWestern129 in Residency

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On ICU rotations we routinely work 28 hour shifts. We take care of patients quite literally on the brink of death without a wink of sleep.

My Special Intern by Objective-Brief-2486 in Residency

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I am an amazing senior, he just doesn't realize it.


New doctors, how was your first day?! by pantaloonsss in Residency

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Is it really a surprise if you anticipate being surprised? 🤔