Drunk Mike by stirgyMaudDib in RedLetterMedia

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It was really drunk jay if we're being honest.

Long version of my previously uploaded video. Reseller scum clearing out garage sales by ShrugSmug in Shittygamecollecting

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I once stole a cartridge of Shaq Fu from a middle school I attended boy scouts at. Really thought I found gold in 2007.

I scanned the lyric sheets !!! by horny4birds in AnimalCollective

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Wish I didn't read the first track lyrics, that's some heartbreakingly ethereal stuff.

The fact Caroline just wanted them to come to see her so her husband could try to get them to invest on him by urlobster in SuccessionTV

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My parents are starting to get up there and their kitchen also now just consists of health foods that are expiring and bread stuffs that are for some reason in the freezer

Noo😭 Leonoirdo Dicaprikino what you doing in this cringefest by Slight_Ad6329 in okbuddycinephile

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Man, idk I fucking despised vice. Wasn't funny and for that matter wasn't even informative

Robert Iler's performance as AJ Soprano is one of the most underrated in television history! by ProfessionalEvaLover in thesopranos

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All jokes aside I think Iler isn't necessarily so good an actor than he is sort of perfectly cast for the role. I think there is a degree of the writers modeling the kids after themselves as they grew up.

She solved racism with self-flared brag tag. by Lolfactor1037 in LookatMyHalo

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I wanted to be mace windup as a kid because I thought mace windu was cool, parents like this are so fucking obnoxious

Anon hates journalists by BasedMidwit in 4chan

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Link's had a bitch in like, the last 3 games

Only the top 1% of Nords can count the number of Mer in this video. by Ebony_Phoenix in TrueSTL

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Imperial are elf pawns,

Storm cloak are elf pawns.

Some Nordstrom are just tryna fish.

I made some really bad anco fan art in college; anybody else got some terrible fan art? I'd love to see it. by doctorfeelgod in AnimalCollective

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I have most of my notes books somewhere around but not sure if I still have those particular. I remember made a really bad drawing of avey tare and my friend Amanda upon showing it to my friend a day later he asked me "pretty cool, how old were you when your drew this?"