Need advice on how to replicate the Person Pitch reverb by arthurdubwa in AnimalCollective

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the built in reverb on the sp303 is what was primarily used. They changed the algorithm for it after. I think you can find an emulator for it somewhere

Sp and early sampling in animal collective by capnsunshine23 in AnimalCollective

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He actually introduced the sp303 to the band during 2003 during their sung tongs tour. he began using it heavily in 2004 during their feels era. They were using it for years before he recorded and released PP

Daily Song Discussion #87: "My Girls" by M77100 in AnimalCollective

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10- nothing else needs to be said. One of the best songs ever madr

Mr. Health & Fitness by psychictoilette in mikeymiles

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I just put $10 and he got bumped to 4th

I know the sigma posts are old news, but what the fuck is wrong with this loser? by lowkeythrowaway69420 in WorldOfTShirts

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Regularly posts with way more editing and effort than Josh himself, clearly this is what he spends all his time doing.

Anyone know what this is by jash9020 in AnimalCollective

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Its a korg synth that he ran his guitar thru for the entirety of tomboy. Pretty much the source of that signature tomboy sound

[ Removed by Reddit ] by [deleted] in AnimalCollective

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You should not have a problem finding that when you get there. Ask around

7’s wow, just wow by Pibbexxtra in AnimalCollective

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Every panda bear release since you stopped is worth listening to.

Funniest thing I’ve ever heard, can anyone explain the point of this by ytmunoz13 in AnimalCollective

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Common stream scam. They use services where you can upload a song to streaming sites on your own, and enter the name of a popular artist. They try to quickly get a bunch of streams before it gets shut down.

Panda Bear and Rivka from Spirit of the Beehive yesterday, via her IG story. by OkBet5448 in AnimalCollective

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Id drag my sunburnt body across broken glass in a desert to have a 5 minute zoom call with him on a dial up connection

Avey Tare/Dave Portner AMA on Wednesday. by RadiobreadEP in AnimalCollective

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The lyrics are definitely by panda bear, read them. I

Megathread: Multiple UFOs Shot Down Over US & Canada by LetsTalkUFOs in UFOs

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Great for them 👍 I’ll be loading up on canned beans, gas, and batteries and heading north.

Megathread: Multiple UFOs Shot Down Over US & Canada by LetsTalkUFOs in UFOs

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They probably arent coming to shake our hand either? Im just saying, it almost certainly doesnt matter if in fact intelligent life is visiting us. Its probably not great for humanity most alien scenarios.

Megathread: Multiple UFOs Shot Down Over US & Canada by LetsTalkUFOs in UFOs

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Because all of a sudden producing wealth for some business owner is a lot less important than the implications of intelligent life existing, visiting us from light years away in spaceships, and what happens after our government shoots them down….

Songs about Parenthood by clustakid in AnimalCollective

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Probably about 95% of AC's songs about parenthood are penned by Panda Bear. I detailed what was off the top of my head, it's not everything but should have a lot of what you are looking for.

Untitled: Recorded around and is largely about coming to terms with the death of his father. He showed him the lyrics before he passed.

-Untitled 5 "I will have sons and daughters"

Person Pitch: PB was in the process of recording Bros around the birth of his first child, and you can hear a sample of her crying at one point.

-I'm Not "I'm not ready for it but then ever I could be? No name for her but as it comes we'll name each after its way. As with all else any piece has its place and form to fill"

Tomboy: Whole album has a lot of themes about being able to provide for his family and proving himself as a good father, husband, man and friend. Lots of direct lyrical content about parenthood.

-You Can Count On Me

-Surfer's Hymn - Compares being the leader of his family to surfing and going out into the water getting ready for a wave.

-Alsatian Darn "What to do when the things that I want don't allow for the handful of mouths that I'm trying to feed"

-Faces in the Crowd - Always thought this one was about his son. Him looking at the mirror and seeing his son and his son looking in the mirror and seeing him. "To my guy till I die."

-Tropic of Cancer

-Preakness - This i think was originally written between MPP/Tomboy. Shares a lot of the Tomboy themes about being depended on by his family, how their hopes turn into his hopes, and to "Keep it up" for them. One of my all time favorites of his.

-Nod to the Folks - "Nod to the folks keeping us close."

-Dolphin "I would always be there when you need it. Wanna give you a hand."

Animal Collective:

-Baby Day

-Chores - Getting stoned after finishing his responsibilities for the day.

-My Girls

-Also Frightened - It's an Avey led song but I think it was definitely written by PB. It's about watching his kids play, wondering what they will be like when the grow up, and if they too are frightened? "Will I want them to be who they will be or to be more like their dad?"

-Daily Routine

-Brothersport - Bonding with your brother and trying to move on from the death of their father.

-Rosie Oh - About missing his family and home when he is away. "As I left my home I cried, and a substituted figure tried to reconcile the things I'd left behind"

-Newtown Burnout - This was a Tomboy outtake. About coming home to your family and finding peace at home.