Why is McGill so unknown to most Americans if it’s literally ranked 27 in the world? I have always wondered this by Certain-Treacle7508 in ApplyingToCollege

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Lol, I go to McGill and I am from the states. It is thoroughly amusing when I tell me people that I go to McGill because I get the same two, polar opposite, answers. “What’s that?” and “Wow, that is an amazing school.” I can confirm Most Americans definitely DO NOT know McGill. Lmao, most Americans probably couldn’t tell you the best schools in the US let alone other top schools around the world. Nevertheless, in NYC, (where I am from), and most of the northeast- companies do know McGill and know it’s a great school.

what is the easiest language to fulfill lang requirements by aryaroy1411 in SBU

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I thought French was a breeze but idk if it is for everybody

good news monday by AutoModerator in mcgill

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I get to see my dog next week🥰

Oh my god, i just listened to funeral by Wimpiepaarnty in arcadefire

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Arcade Fire’s first three album run is in my opinion one of the greatest ever. The first three records are masterpieces

Can you realistically commute to SBU from NJ by InstinctiveSS in SBU

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Dude, NYC is nearly 2 hours out of Stony Brook, what are you saying

Easy A Courses? by fajson in SBU

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Mus 119 is a guaranteed A if you played an instrument at any point in your life. Also, for me, language classes were also guaranteed As if you put in a little effort

My Wife’s Boyfriend Says the Top Left Is “Problematic” by birdinhand18 in indieheadscirclejerk

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Funeral is the greatest album of all time and deserves that position!

Photos from Grimes’ college days by askrndmd in Grimes

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She went to McGill University in Montreal, Canada

Last one! Who's it going to be? 🤔 by zackandcodyfan in arcadefire

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How did the smiths not make it on here? OR PIXIES?