Food related boy group songs? by Interesting-Data-880 in kpophelp

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Stray kids - cheese, gods menu

Kai- peaches, vanilla

Food related boy group songs? by Interesting-Data-880 in kpophelp

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Lemonade( does that count?)


Chewing gum

Cherry bomb

Hot sauce

What would life be like if days only lasted 24 minutes? by TrustedFungus9 in NoStupidQuestions

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Life would fly by very quickly and you would never get anything done.

Should I quit my second job that I hate? by 3A1B2C33C2B1A3 in NoStupidQuestions

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Yes, if you hate your job you will only feel worse staying. I made the mistake of staying at a job i hated and i still regret it.

What are your opinions on people going out with self harm scars showing? by skal0pz in AskReddit

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Oh i apologise, im sorry if i sounded rude. i also have depression so i know what that feels like. Everyone has their own battle scars, whether it’s physical or not. Be proud of who you are, fuck what people think :)

Im proud of you and i hope you’re doing better now :)

Do you remember the meanings of songs you listen to? by Kai6180 in kpophelp

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I personally don’t really care about the lyrics of a song, im not gonna remember it anyway. If it sounds good then i listen to it lol 😆