To whoever stole my Green Specialized Allez off Amtrak with an sworks power saddle and shimano eh500 pedals.... joke is on you because I find you. by KoalaFiftyFour in SantaBarbara

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My green Specialized Allez was stolen off the Amtrak today. Belived to be taken off at the Santa Barbara train stop. Please keep an eye out.

Not pictured here but it has an sworks mirror power saddle and a eh500 shimano pedals. It is has an SF bikes sticker on the bottom tube.

I've been checking craigslist and FB marketplace but haven't seen anything come up.

I feel bad because my dad was borrowing it, he took Amtrak from LA to SB, and then didn't lock it on the Amtrak. He filed a police report. He feels horrible and trying to help out.

Joke is on the thief because I will find you.

Is it safe walking this route at night? by tofu_with_tenacity in sanfrancisco

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If it’s after an event at BG, you’re fine. Just don’t loiter or talk to anyone

I built a platform that generates CSS variables for your theme! by [deleted] in javascript

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It’d be neat if this could link into existing projects. I don’t start that many new projects these days but would want to use this for my existing stuff