What’s one Sufjan Steven lyrics that you will scream-sing every time you hear it? by FlyingCheddarMonster in Sufjan

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Don’t do to me what you did to America!

(don’t do to me what you do to yourself!)

PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Crystalis Motus Leona by DW_Platypus in LeaguePBE

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I'd love to see some more crystalline texture on her sword, as it looks now it feels really flat and just... purple. Any dimension or texture would really help the sword look like it matches the rest of the skin.

I'd also like to echo that I hope that this skinline isn't going to be all purple? I would love to see the Crystalis Motus line feature a rainbow of gemstones, I think that would make it stand out very well and be more interesting overall. I like the idea of the skinline already, I just hope it's colorful!

Daily Song Discussion #20: Your Mind is Not Your Friend by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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If you haven't, I would recommend heading back to the thread and reading through all of the feedback! From what I read while scoring, it wasn't "Just because Taylor," but there were a lot of things that made the song weaker. Frankly, I think Taylor and Matt worked well together, but the song itself was wonky.

Daily Song Discussion #20: Your Mind is Not Your Friend by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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this is my 10 on this album, easy.

i think if i start with the statement, My favorite song of all time is Exile Vilify, that why I fell so hard in love with this song becomes pretty clear. It’s a piano ballad, written in a 3/4 or 6/8 signature that gives this feeling of being rocked as i listen, with plenty of lyrics about a scattered mind, and both are even sung in the second person! This kind of song plays exactly to my music tastes, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

It also came at like, exactly the time I needed. I’ve got issues with anxiety. I graduated from university literally a week after the album released, and I know I should be happy, but it just left me with a lot of dread and anxiety. Matt’s and Phoebe’s voices are so perfect for a song like this, and when I start feeling The Dread again, I just put this song on and sit with things for a minute until I can think correctly again.

“It takes you by the hand and leads you nowhere.”

”Now you’re thinking too fast, you’re like marbles on glass.”

There’s a universe out there where the National teamed with Lana Del Rey instead of Taylor Swift by SexMayonnaise in TheNational

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Honestly, I would have loved to hear Sharon Van Etten on The Alcott. They’ve worked together before and I really like how Matt and Sharon sound together, her style and vocals would have been a better fit here in my opinion.

Daily Song Discussion #18: Grease in Your Hair by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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Like I said, there were 89 votes that ran the entire 0-10 range. Looking at all the comments, a nearly 5 even was to be expected.

The Alcott certainly isn’t for everyone, myself included, but I was glad to see the 7-10s in there. I don’t post these for everyone to be rosy all the time, I like to see everyone’s honest reaction. I think there’s really something for everyone in this album, even though not everything will be.

Daily Song Discussion #17: The Alcott by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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I feel the same way! Phoebe and Sufjan were backing vocalists, and while they were lovely, if anyone would be getting more of a featured/spotlighted role I wish it was either of those two and not Taylor.

What happened to the daily song discussion? by Low-Kaleidoscope-149 in TheNational

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someone else made song discussion posts that i missed, and some things came up in the past couple of days that caused me to not get them up in time. (it’s been… wild. i had hoped things would cool down, they did not.) i can keep posting them, though!

Daily Song Discussion #15: Tropic Morning News by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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4.5- I... really wanted to like this one, I did. I heard it the first time last November when I saw them in concert last, and between then and now, it still hasn't managed to hit for me. I can't quite put my finger on why I don't like it that much, but it does make me just want to move on and listen to the rest of the album/playlist/what-have-you.

edit: giving it an extra .5 because it is a pretty good song on the highway. maybe there’s just something about driving that gives it the boost for me.

Daily Song Discussion #14: This Isn't Helping by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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8- what stands out to me the most about this song is the emotion of being at the end of a relationship, and nothing is working. i really do think this song nails how that feels, it brings memories of hiding in bed and running through thoughts of whether or not the relationship was worth keeping.

i think one of my issues with IAETF is that Matt’s voice and Gail’s voice just… didn’t always mix well. Pheobe’s voice floats so gently in this one and mixes perfectly, her contribution really makes this one for me.

Daily Song Discussion #13: New Order T-Shirt by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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I am too tbh, a lot of folks felt that it was too repetitive for their tastes though so I suppose it tracks.

Daily Song Discussion #13: New Order T-Shirt by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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I’m sure they will be! I’m honestly super interested in seeing how that would play out and which songs change the most.

Daily Song Discussion #13: New Order T-Shirt by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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6.8, it’s really grown on me since I first heard it but I still don’t love-love it. It’s a really fuzzy song, so it’s perfect when driving down a back highway at sunset, but it’s not one I’d listen to on its own.

Welcome home, my love <3 by Yusuke_Akari in yuumimains

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this is literally the first thing i thought of when i saw this item, i cannot WAIT to give this item a spin ;-; maybe it'll make up for the rework

Daily Song Discussion #12: Eucalyptus by lemonhyacinth in TheNational

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I love your take here on the repetitiveness, that's such a real aspect of breaking up. Dissolving a relationship really does make you feel like a broken record.