I’m sorry little one by tartfooting74 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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omg I can’t believe I’ve never seen this

Decided to do one last quick side quest before bed last night… by thisisboonecountry in HarryPotterGame

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ahh I was misinformed about that, it’s still just for new copies though right?

Ontario lowers minimum age for lifeguarding to 15 by morenewsat11 in ontario

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not every natural body of water positions itself as a tourist destination. if you’re going to try to be a visitor attraction with signage, concessions, parking lots, etc then it’s your responsibility to make sure no one dies in the giant safety risk you’re trying to bring people to visit. it’s the epitome of an attractive nuisance and completely different from some unlucky person coming across a random pond in the wilderness.

own a big piece of undeveloped land and a trespasser somehow stumbles through a mile of bush/underbrush and drowns in your little lake? not your fault. oversee an area with a huge lakefront area in plain view of the general public with signs and roads guiding you to spend time in all that water? then you should have a contingency plan in case something happens in that water.

Decided to do one last quick side quest before bed last night… by thisisboonecountry in HarryPotterGame

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only for PS5 and only for new games, too. bought a used copy and can’t access it.

I’m supporting my friend for her *camping* trip and it doesn’t feel real. We’re 21. by leaping_kneazle in TwoXChromosomes

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strong THC edibles (preferably indica strains) are ideal to have when you’re out in the woods. always good to have ibuprofen as well but edibles help you relax as well in addition to relieving any post-hike pains.

new kind of guy just dropped by popularfiction in Tinder

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yeah I get it lol my SO is amazing with oral but for me and many ladies there’s nothing like getting the D, especially after getting so worked up. it’s like being tickled for a long time and then being unable to scratch the itch! 😝

and I would venture a guess there’s a possibility some of them felt like you weren’t that into them/didn’t want to have sex and you tried to “pacify” them with oral so you could peace out with minimal drama. you’d be surprised how many women have given reluctant blowjobs like that…

My bf is mad at me for using the vibrator because I didn't ask him about it by Ineedhelp101_pls in sex

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idk - “do unto others”, right? I’d much rather get off with my partner than masturbate solo. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Found condoms in my husband's suitcase. by [deleted] in sex

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do any vagina-owners actually enjoy the ribbed variety? because ouch

My bf is mad at me for using the vibrator because I didn't ask him about it by Ineedhelp101_pls in sex

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I get that but as an AFAB myself, why can’t she still include him in the process if she just wants to use the toy instead of having sex?

he could go down on her, use his hands, and/or use the toy but she didn’t give him a chance to participate and that’s what can be hurtful. I’d much rather go down on my partner and help him get off rather than have him jerking off alone.

Lack of Ravenclaw representation by ABird31 in HarryPotterGame

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whaaaat. I thought the Ravenclaw common room was by far the nicest, I would absolutely live there for the rest of my life! 😛 Gryffindor was way more basic than I expected, Slytherin was the coolest, and Hufflepuff was the coziest, in my opinion.

Rajah O Hara spent $600 on AS6 and $2000 on Canada Vs The World and managed to pull out a stellar runway package on both: by Key-Preparation2003 in dragrace

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she is such a genius queen lol I’m so inspired. even for basic off-the-rack mall clothing, the markups are insane! when I worked in retail I was kind of appalled that we were still making solid profit margins even with 90% off clearance items... who wants to be funding the CEO’s new yacht while they exploit labourers in sweatshops for pennies? I never paid full price for anything again after that.

I try to look out for the higher quality items at thrift stores and I’ve found amazing things but I haven’t had the time lately (and it’s slim pickings in my city now anyway). I should really just invest in some good fabric and start making my own dresses.

Rajah O Hara spent $600 on AS6 and $2000 on Canada Vs The World and managed to pull out a stellar runway package on both: by Key-Preparation2003 in dragrace

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I totally get what you’re saying but it’s the difference between “this is how much money I spent” and “this is how much these garments are worth”. she purchased the raw materials for far less than other queens spent on designer looks, then added her own skills and talent to greatly increase their value.

I think it’s great for her to point out that you don’t need a ton of money to look like a star - you can work hard to make your own dream dresses and create a winning look from a simple bolt of fabric. thanks Ra’Jah for reminding me I have to set up my sewing table and get to work! 😂

new kind of guy just dropped by popularfiction in Tinder

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bless your heart. lol now go teach those other dudes the joys of giving pleasure!

new kind of guy just dropped by popularfiction in Tinder

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imagine showing up for a hookup, just riding the guy’s face and leaving when you’re done. lmao but guys pull that kind of shit all the time!

I’m so sick of hearing about transgender people by Background-Bus3033 in Vent

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you wouldn’t say that if you actually knew the real history of the bible and how Christianity actually came to be the religion we know today 😂 trust me buddy I’ve done my research and I was blown away by how much the “immutable word of God” has changed over many centuries and translations. even in the currently agreed-upon gospels in the biblical canon, all it takes is actually reading the entire bible to find countless inconsistencies and differences in how the “unchanging, eternal God” operates.

and overall, the God of the bible is a petty child who throws tantrums when his toys don’t do what he wants. it all falls apart when you actually apply logic.

as my homeboy Epicurus put it:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

new kind of guy just dropped by popularfiction in Tinder

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nah he’s all about pleasure, but only if it’s his. dude should just buy a Fleshlight and call it a day.

No money to police traffic, TtC, porch pirates, blocking intersections, parking in bike lanes, bike thefts etc…. So what are we paying for? by focal71 in askTO

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most people don’t find horses intimidating - they’re known for being docile, sweet, and kinda dumb. the reason cops use them for crowd control is actually because they’re a lot safer than any other option - a well-trained horse won’t trample humans, even when scared, and the cop won’t get trampled by the crowd either.

if people found cops on horses to be intimidating then you’d be seeing a lot more of them in the US 😛 but they actually have a calming effect on crowds, and most people like them. I’d much rather have cops on horses instead of armoured vehicles or unmarked cars.

“Amelia” made me feel heard by Marshmellkill in BobsBurgers

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I've had a male colleague tell me that ladies just aren't suited to my field because it's more math and science focused, and I was just flabbergasted that it was actually said to my face.

🤦🏻‍♀️ holy shit. my go-to retort for comments like those is usually something like “if men are supposed to be so smart and logical then why did such a dumbass thing just come out of your mouth?”

and then I’d try my best to find some way to perform better at something he takes pride in. just for that extra salty goodness.

we shouldn’t have to deal with that type of shit in the first place though. let’s hope these dummies are all retired or fired soon. 🤞

Drag Me To Dinner...so who's watching?? by LooseLipsSinkShips21 in dragrace

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even an “edgy” teen would know better… I can’t fathom how anyone would think it’s okay to represent such a beautiful, talented, and troubled artist in such a manner. so shortly after her death too! how does that even occur to you? and his husband agreed to it.

the only way I can see a rotted corpse cake representation being somewhat funny is if it was literally Hitler or someone like that 🤦🏻‍♀️ FFS. Amy never deserved that shit. I loved him as a performer but I lost all respect for him after that, seeing him now makes me feel somewhat ill to be honest. I loved Amy much more and it’s never okay to mock someone with mental health issues like that, especially when the only person they were hurting was themselves.

How big of a red flag is supporting Andrew Tate by ConfusedCouchGoblin in NoStupidQuestions

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yeah those guys didn’t know me like that lol they just had an impression of me as a “good girl” since I keep most of my freaky/adventurous tendencies under wraps until people earn my trust 😛

'Irresponsible behaviour': TTC investigating after firework set off on bus by PurfectProgressive in toronto

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yeah what the hell? fireworks were pretty damn expensive a few years ago… a group of teen boys shot roman candles at me and my dogs a few weeks ago, one firework was an inch away from setting one of the dogs on fire and they just laughed. 😕