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Watched it. You gave me major anxiety cutting that garlic and I love your comedic delivery. Hahaha would definitely watch again. 😂

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That was really fun to watch! 7 minute went by so fast. The editing made me laugh as well. One advice, dont be so harsh on yourself 😁

9/10 i want to try the receipe

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That was actually really cute:) glad to see you also get kitchen stuff from dolarama lol

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Beautiful noods and nudes haha I wish it wasn’t censored but you killed it homie

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Sub to the OF

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Bwahaha nothings quite free no more huh

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what cutting software are you using?
If you wanna be serious with youtube you need to adjust your picture

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I loved it, I pressed the like but I couldn't watch more than a few mins. I guess that is how it will go but I will do my bit.

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ça fait plaisir de te revoir même en flooter , et je decouvre une jolie voix aussi , c'etait bien sympa

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Omg lillie

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can i dm u smth about the vid?

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I also follow you on TikTok