What does "marry" mean in Shakespeare? by whaleisland9 in shakespeare

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MARRY (1): vb. to join closely. (2): name of the Blessed Virgin used as an oath. an oath, by (the Virgin) Mary! but in effect no stronger than "indeed." [Romeo and Juliet] [Julius Caesar]

Similar Elizabethan oaths: Jesu, By the Mass, Coads-nigs, Od rabbit it, Marry, God’s truth, God’s Mercy/vengeance, By the Rood, Cuds-me, By St George, Marry gip, God ‘a mercy (God have mercy), ‘Fore God, Coads, Od rat it, Od save us, By’r lady, By heaven

IMHO: Cannes Film Festival was the wrong place to debut Dial of Destiny. by reubendevries in indianajones

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The film was not in competition; it was purely a publicity event to raise awareness for the film. It succeeded in that respect. The bad reviews suggest the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

Masterpiece overused? by OddRecommendation897 in oscarrace

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“MY belief is that a director can have a masterpiece now, but a new film can take that title if they make something even better. I believe that masterpiece is a term meant for ONE project. Almost like your Magnum Opus.”

For your definition to work, it requires ranking of an artist’s work into a subjective hierarchy of superior and inferior. which is bound to be reductive and artificial. Is Michelangelo’s David his one masterpiece, or is it the Sistine Ceiling? Is Hamlet Shakespeare’s masterpiece, or is it King Lear or Macbeth? War and Peace or Ana Karenina for Tolstoy? Beethoven’s 9th symphony or his final string quartet? Etc.

You have to pick 3 of Kubrick’s films, one gets a prequel, one gets a sequel, and one gets remade, which do you choose and why? by According-Horror125 in StanleyKubrick

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Prequel: EWS, Bill and Alice’s early years, marriage, and Bill becoming the personal physician of guys like Ziegler and Lou Nathanson, and making lucrative emergency calls to modeling shoots in 5th ave. As Bill’s paycheck continues to grow, Alice gets pregnant. Final scene in the toy store, Xmas shopping for the new baby.

Sequel: CO, Alex’s meteoric rise in UK politics as the party’s new favorite. The Minister is sacked and replaced with Alex, who rolls out Ludovico 2.0. Alex receives a knighthood.

No remakes.

Othello by Upset_Preparation_39 in shakespeare

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Victim - who becomes a villain.

I think if Othello as a kind of anti-Macbeth. He doesn’t have the weaknesses that come with power: ambition; disloyalty, excess pride, deceit, etc. He’s a loyal subject, a war hero, a happily married man.

Yet, like Macbeth, even Othello’s mind can be poisoned, though it takes a lot more work to do it. Once it is, Othello’s jealousy warps his perception of the reality around him, like a snowball rolling downhill, until it turns him into a murderer.

Film Tracking: BARBIE campaign kicks in. Older women have shown little interest. Will that change? by The_Quorum in boxoffice

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It’s Legally Blonde meets Enchanted. It looks like fun, but the core audience will always be younger girls and younger women. A 1 1/2 to 2 quadrant movie.

I need to talk about something in a scene, that has bugging me for years. by KarmaGonnaGetYou in indianajones

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“Good day, OP. I'd like to introduce you to Steven Spielberg and his friend "magic." They like to pal around with their associate, "don't worry about the jump cut."

Like in War of the Worlds - when Tom Cruise’s son follows the troops over a hill into utter obliteration by alien tripods, Steve and jump cut get us out real quick, then magic shows up at the end to reveal his son is waiting for him at his grandmother’s house.

They’ve massacred Indy as a character. by pvhc47 in indianajones

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There is no way you can know for sure without seeing the movie.

(Note to self: do not see the movie)

THE DIAL OF DESTINY IS GOING TO RULE!!!! by [deleted] in indianajones

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Kathy Kennedy and her team at Lucasfilm hit nothing but home runs.

If Clint Eastwood would do a last hurray for Dirty Harry, what would you say? by elvis8atariMM in indianajones

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He’s too old for Dirty Harry, Harry Callahan, but not too old for one more Western. Yeah, I know, Unforgiven was his sign off. So what. If I could get one more Western directed by and starring Clint…

Favorite Classic Character Actors by [deleted] in classicfilms

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Walter Brennan was incredible. A legend.

Your favourite movies with voice over narration by Movies_Music_Lover in movies

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Casino and Goodfellas are the best. Barry Lyndon is terrific.

What are the best uses of diegetic music in film? by StrawInANeedleStack in flicks

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My personal favorite is the scene in Amadeus where Mozart arrives as the Emperor plays a dull march written by Salieri. After Mozart says he’s memorized it, the Emperor challenges Mozart to play it for him. Mozart not only plays it flawlessly, he improvises it into what will become The Marriage Of Figaro. Fantastic scene.

You nailed the all time greatest with Marseilles in Casablanca.


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Thanks for posting such a detailed write up. This sounds atrocious. I thought the old leak about the ending was as bogus, but this makes me wonder jf there isn’t some truth to that.

There’s so many things wrong with this - Indy’s colleagues are brutally murdered; he knows who did it; but instead of going to the police, he goes off after Helena and the dial. Check.

The villain of Indy 5 plans to travel through togoing to kill Hitler to stop him from starting WW2..too early? And his unforgettable villain death is …a plane crash. Check.

But the worst part of it is Indy himself. The set up is the bad version KOTS. But in DOD, Indy feels more like TLJ’s Luke Skywalker: a depressed, embittered loner who blames himself for losing his son (or nephew in Luke’s case), and shuts himself off from the world (Luke on an island, Indy with booze). For both, a lifetime is incredible heroism has been chopped off at the ankles and rendered meaningless.

Is this another TLJ “let the past die” type of thing, where Luke and Indy battle with their own irrelevancy? With Helena, like Rey, waiting for the old codger to pass her the baton? It kind of sounds like it.

The face punch and the final scene of Indy in his bed with Sallah & Marion feels tacked on. Maybe there is some truth to him dying in an earlier ending? And the punch in the face is where an old ending was cut and a new one added in? If it’s a reshoot, that would be a quick and easy fix: rebuild the set, put him in bed, and do the scene.

Could you elaborate on the finale up to Helena punching him in the face? What does she say to him to get him to go back to 1969? When she says he’ll change the course of history, does he have a response? Do we know what hat will happen to history if he stays?

Also, re: Archimedes rigging the dial, the film’s idea is that Arch rigged it so Indy/Helena would go back in time and save Arch from being killed in the siege?

Thanks again.