how?! by [deleted] in WTF

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Bri'ish by el_gustavo_ in pyrocynical

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shtewpit amuricuns 👁🦷👁

the world of shitty jaystation thumbnails by No-Variation-3693 in pyrocynical

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I watch his videos every day, they keep me sane. He‘s my hero. Like he tried to talk to xnxxtentacion when he was dead (and therefore lonely) 😳😳👍🏻

title by Perivoje in pyrocynical

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pork very haram me no likey da pig 🐖😳

An interesting title. by MOrTsboy in pyrocynical

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Chris Brown’s greatest hits: Nr. 1 - Rihanna

4chan moment by _Pocket_Lint_ in pyrocynical

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Does he use that jar to make jam?

by _-Frost-Byte-_ in shitposting

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Best thing is he gets a cut off every single payment

These damn bri’ish by IINP in pyrocynical

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Bri‘ish cuz dem shtewpid amuricans threw the t in the ocean

13% but also 50% by [deleted] in memes

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statistics can’t be racist

Cyberpunk sucks by bulkowl in gaming

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I think it’s fun but I had to buy a whole new PC to run this f***er

get this man off the aux by lwyrup777 in funny

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I knew what the 'different' song was going to be but still... have an upvote, mate 🙌🏻😄