I scanned the lyric sheets !!! by horny4birds in AnimalCollective

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Avey needs to learn the difference between your and you’re tsk tsk

Cool write-up on Marta Salogni, who mixed "Time Skiffs" by tweedboss in AnimalCollective

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mistakes? you're talking like mixing as if it's objective. it really doesn't seem like they had a deadline, they worked on it until June. i'm sure it would have been rushed if they had forced a 2021 release, but they didn't make the cutoff. the band wouldn't have released it if it wasn't their vision.

anyways, most people love the mix. strung was clearly done in a more classic AC style, it has that smeary dry sound that they went for on records like chz or ark.

Cool write-up on Marta Salogni, who mixed "Time Skiffs" by tweedboss in AnimalCollective

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What does mastering have to do with any of it? They’ve spoken multiple times that Marta’s role was to recreate the mix that they had already done in Luna to define it a little more.

It really sounds like you should be more upset about the performance than anything that Marta did. It’s important to get it right at the source, and if you’re not a fan of the performance, no mixing is going to help that.

Here’s a link to them talking about how the album was mixed:


And this interview with her from Tape Op:

Q:I also listened to Time Skiffs by Animal Collective. I imagine you had rough mixes that had that gauzy reverb presence on the vocals, where they are sort of separate from the music. Is that correct?

Marta: With that, I spoke mostly with Brian [Weitz, a.k.a. “Geologist”]. We were always in touch about how elements in the mix should sound, and what the intent with the music was. I’m a huge fan of their music, and so I felt I had these songs I used to dance to as a teenager ingrained in me. When I was mixing it, I felt, “It needs to feel like Animal Collective,” because they have such a huge span of work. But I would also think, “Maybe the bass could have a little bit more definition.” There are so many elements to their tracks. They’re so rich. I wanted everything to have its own space, and everything to be very defined. I wanted the group vocals to have that quality of feeling like one vocal.

Q:True, right.

Marta: Gel them together and have the percussion all around it. When I mix, I almost feel like I try and visualize it in a 3D depth and height. One of my favorite things I learned when I was studying sound was the phantom center of the two speakers. It truly feels like I can create these prisms of 3D moving within stereo. That’s how I see it in my head. I want the bass to be the foundation. Sometimes it can be mono and sometimes it can be stereo, as long as it feels good in mono. Then I can build upon that. Here’s where I put the beat: The kick drum, and then I put the snare across it, the vocals round it up, and the percussion is a little bit on top of the vocals. Everything needs to feel focused and cohesive. That’s how I approached that. I wanted the experience for the listeners and the band to be immersive and to tip the hat to all their previous records, but also to have mixes that would feel like a step forward.

Cool write-up on Marta Salogni, who mixed "Time Skiffs" by tweedboss in AnimalCollective

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Hmm you’re sounding like someone else from these parts haha

Jokes aside, they basically mixed the album as they went and she just went in with fresh ears at the end apparently. This is how AC wanted to sound, which they’ve talked about in interviews before. Not sure why you’re so obsessed with dragging her down at every turn lol. She’s an incredible mixer and has worked on dozens of pristine sounding albums, and sure I agree that Dragon Slayer is a little too muddy but stuff like Prester John and Royal and Desire are some of their best sounding songs (sonically) ever.

Not to mention the fucking kick drum is impeccable. PJ and the beginning of Strung shake my bones every time

Songs Played During Shows of a Lost World Tour (so far) by ttlnow in TheCure

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A letter to Elise is super rare live. It’s only been played 5 times since 2008 (all in 2016) so don’t get your hopes up, it would be insane if they pulled it out

[Saturday] Daily Music Discussion - 27 May 2023 by AutoModerator in indieheads

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Am I going mad? I just watched it and didn’t see him adding any grunge guitar

[FRESH VIDEO] HMLTD - Days by papo96 in indieheads

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Specifically reminds me of Crucify (in a good way)

i interviewed panda bear by kidsonh0liday in AnimalCollective

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His next album. He confirmed that some of the songs from the Madrid show will be on it

I was wrong about All I Wanna do by WillingAntelope0 in thebeachboys

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Animal Collective even said something along the lines of “yeah we’re big beach boys fans, but more so the post-Brian Wilson stuff” lmao

Edit: source?

The weird little hate parade on Capitol yesterday by Crafty_Variation6343 in olympia

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Typically agree but when I saw this parade yesterday it looked like half (or just under half) were women. Mostly middle aged to older

Also one kid with a pride umbrella. Strange juxtaposition

Snippet of Portia from my vinyl by g_marschweezy in weezer

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Surprised by the different lyrics from the other clips. Also the whole new section that wasn’t in the demo, interested to see how it fits in

High of 87 with a quick thunderstorm in the afternoon... what? by chewymammoth in Seattle

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I’ll have to try these out, I’ve been forced to cook my own Cuban food. Which has been fun but Id love to go for the convenience

Can someone ID this marine animal by chips-and-guac-2189 in marinebiology

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They are near Baja California so not even close to San Fran

The Pod Goes Abroad - The Always Sunny Podcast Discussion Thread by iasip in IASIP

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The first 15 minutes was incredibly rough but im glad I stuck through till the end

Ted Lasso - S03E09 - “La Locker Room Aux Folles” Post Episode Discussion by quaranTV in TedLasso

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Yeah but that happened in this episode when Nate was texting jade. Also in the last episode lol. I thought they were doing so well before that too

[FRESH STREAM] Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (Remastered 2023) by sbags in indieheads

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If you thought this record was difficult, what do you think of danse/hollindagain/ark? Just curious because while yes, 3 or 4 songs here are super noisy in parts, the rest are pretty standard great indie pop once you’ve accepted the mixing.

Haven’t heard the remaster yet but I am hopeful it gets more people into this album, I think it might be AC’s second best after feels

Do you guys know if Remastered is coming on Spotify at midnight? by hyperfixationstation in AnimalCollective

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Yes, it’s already available in countries that have hit midnight around the world