U2 Held a Tour Launch Party Dinner for Arcade Fire in Dublin by sternmd in arcadefire

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I was at that show! I travelled far for it. The sky looked like it was about to fall and all of the sudden when AF started to play the sun came out. Forever in my memory

Neon Bible is their best album. Hot take? by bluejay695 in arcadefire

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u/CoppernicusFudd Really? What tracks in Reflektor do you find shitty, just wondering

‘I was out of body’: Feist on the weird prelude to cancelling her tour with Arcade Fire by manofwar26 in arcadefire

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There is not. But she has an album to sell. She also had to let you know that she was going to tour small with AF as practice so she could be ready to her real size tour later - but don't expect her to sing well at something like the Grammys because she is not Madonna

MEO Kalorama Lineup Confirmed! by Graham433 in arcadefire

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Wish I could be there - sounds amazinggggg <3

Gigi and Tan being SHOCKED that Deontre had a day job SENT ME by EastSeaweed in NextInFashion

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I had to stop watching, can't endure those two any longer and how clueless and entitled they are

Should Tan France be replaced? by MillieMollieMandy999 in NetflixNextInFashion

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That man is extremely annoying (in my point of view) and he doesn't even seem to have a fashion company anymore - even when it seemed to have existed it was the farthest thing away from "Next in Fashion" The only images left are sad boring flower-print swimming suits.

After some distance, a fresh re-look; this article struck me by Downtown_Home_6592 in arcadefire

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End of the Empire is a stunning (I call it a masterpiece but hey!) work of art

YouTube says 16 years ago... by ilovethejoy in arcadefire

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I Love my posts BTW

Will always be a fan , this music is ours

Happy Holidays <3

YouTube says 16 years ago... by ilovethejoy in arcadefire

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these Baby Giants all dressed in random clothes just not giving a fk aside for the music

Favourite cover from the recent tour by Active_Sock177 in arcadefire

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FN Stunning Wall of sound and beauty - a band at it's best <3