Another mention of potential return by TickleMcGiggles in HistoryHyenas

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He lit implies right after it’s not history Hyenas and it was a joke comment I think making fun of hownyannis only does pods

Yanis Posts on HH’s IG by 3idRaven in HistoryHyenas

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We just need to convince Chrissy steel pipe to come back

Rumour: new album releasing January 2024 and was recorded during WE before WE got reworked for the pandemic. This year they are finish it up. by iredditireddit in arcadefire

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I was told that by someone who works at Ticketmaster lol. Also they worked out a workaround like doing single nights at the arenas instead of multiple nights like the EN tour.

Louis wrote parts of get out rumour by iredditireddit in louisck

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From what I remember Louis did a rewrite of the script close to shooting is what I remember when Jordan needed help. Was just wondering if anyone else remembered. This was all spoken about pre cancellation.

Name a funny female comedian by jamarcusaristotle in TimDillon

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Whitney Cummings but only on podcasts with a funnier male comedian

JUSTICE FINALLY by Half_Banana2541 in TimDillon

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He’s really about to get some bondage lessons