Lastentarhan opettajien on pakko olla oma rotu? by Illustrious-Prompt28 in Suomi

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Vanhemmuus on kyllä opettanut arvostamaan varhaiskasvatuksen ja lasten terveydenhuollon ammattilaisia. Siinä on duuneja jotka eivät ihan kaikille sovi.

Lastentarhan lisäksi myös kätilö on kyllä raaka duuni. Synnytyksen vetäminen on kova homma aina, mutta kuvitteleppa sama ruljanssi useampi kerta työpäivään. Jeesus.

Any early “gotta have ‘em” players for next season, besides Haaland? by huamanticacacaca in FantasyPL

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Ferguson at Brighton

Finally someone suggesting something less obvious.

Ferguson has been very fun to watch. If he gets to start regularly, I'd imagine we could see a breakthrough season

It was just a dream by WantsToDieBadly in okmatewanker

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Belgium is hardly even the greatest country inside Belgium

Yerry Mina celebrates with Jordan Pickford by marshalltownusa in Everton

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I mean, he kept us up by saving the Maddison penalty. Can't kiss this man enough.

Korkeakoulutettu nainen, kuinka likaiseen hippiin tyydyt? by evelinlin in Suomi

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Ei vaaditakkaan 140kg penkkiä kuin miehet sanovat :D

Joo oon testannut ja 125kg penkkimaksimilla käy jo flaksi

Korkeakoulutettu nainen, kuinka likaiseen hippiin tyydyt? by evelinlin in Suomi

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Vaikea sanoa mistä nää johtuu. Varsinkin opiskeluaikoina flaksi tuntui käyvän paljon enemmän mitä näillä (ihan kohtuullisilla) sosiaalisilla taidoilla ja pärställä pitäisi. Molemmat maisterit olivat kohtuullisen naisvaltaisella alalla ja moni akateemista miehistä oli yllättävän puiseva tai kankea.

Harvaa tuntui edes haittaavan, että olin melko kännissä käytännössä aina.

THE MOST DISAPPOINTING XI OF 2022/23 from FFSCOUT. Which player doesn’t belong here and who do you think is missing? by liberatedsisyphus in FantasyPL

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Yet I feel like he could turn into something next season.

I am also not very good at FPL just as a caveat here.

Forsaken Airfield is the most unsettling level I've ever played in a video game and I'm not exactly sure why -- plus additional thoughts ~60 hours in. (long) by HowTheyGetcha in thelongdark

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I agree. I came back to TLD after a long break when they published the DLC, and while I was expecting something nice, FA was really something else.

The fog and flash blizzards, combined with the massive space the map has, make it really something different. I've played this game enough though - even if the road is taking you the longer way, boredom and fatigue are not as fatal as getting lost. And getting lost - the one single aspect why I love TLD - is more present in the FA than anywhere else.

It is very different from most of the maps, yet it somehow embraces the best scariest aspects of the game. The main tool of orienteering is vision, which FA just rips away regularly. It makes movement very risky, and this game is about managing risks. It makes you question yourself and somehow keeps on rewarding the risks with locations like no other.

While I don't have a similar experience with horror stories, I completely understand what you mean. The Airfield takes away your confidence. It is not challenging in the way how remote and wild regions tend to be. It makes you question your choices regularly and punishes you slowly, yet repeatedly. It is the only region, where I've ended up realising that I cannot keep on exploring any more - not because of my reserves, but because of how taxing the region is. The Airfield acts with different logic as any other place, and it shows no mercy. Anywhere else you can blame yourself for your mistakes, but in the Airfield, the region really seems to be designed just to fuck with you.

Premier League Table and recent form heading into final matchweek of 22/23 season by Wholesale1818 in soccer

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Nottingham really stepped up for the past gameweeks. They could have been easily in the relegation battle, but that's 10 big points in the dying light of the season

What’s your biggest writing sin? (Aside from scrolling Reddit instead of writing, like you are right now). I’m a long sentence abuser by StardustSailor in writing

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I have moved on short stories because of this. Now I have 8 unfinished long projects and some 6 unfinished shorter ones

SOF sniper kills infantry of PMC “Wagner” with precise shots by tomina69 in CombatFootage

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I mean, there is a half dozen of these small towns in Ukraine currently having active operations. Although Bakhmut is probably the place, can be elsewhere as well.

Chelsea give guard of honour to Manchester City by futshaw in soccer

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It's a question of a. time b. relationship and c. money. When you are young, not many people want to tie themselves to parenting. Sure you can hire nanny and all that, but honestly even in an optimised scenario having a kid while under 20 will drastically reshape your younger years.

West Ham [1] - 1 Leeds - Declan Rice 32' by GodOfGols in soccer

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Looks like a farewell goal for him. It was coming in tho - Allardici-ball doesn't seem to help Leeds at the moment.

This might take them down even.

Eduskunnan jalka­pallo­joukkue voitti kultaa Itä­vallassa – ”Poika tulee nyt kotiin” by Finlandiaprkl in Suomi

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Joo taisi olla vain 2. Bundesliigaa tosiaan - hyvätasoista potkupalloa joka tapauksessa

Eduskunnan jalka­pallo­joukkue voitti kultaa Itä­vallassa – ”Poika tulee nyt kotiin” by Finlandiaprkl in Suomi

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Haha Furuholm vanhana maajoukkuefutarina messissä. Kiva varmaan käydä höntsäämässä vähän työporukan kanssa kun on käynyt potkimassa Bundesliigan puolella

Tottenham [1] - 0 Brentford - Harry Kane great goal 8' by Ihattaren in soccer

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Incredible footballer really. Kinda makes you wonder what a. Spurs would have been without Kane and b. What Kane would have been without Spurs.

Marko Koivula 1968–2023 by Harriv in Suomi

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Tämä tuli itselläkin mieleen. Rehellistä, tapahtumarikasta ja suuressa skaalassa vähämerkityksellistä elämää näkee niin hävyttömän vähän, että sen juurevuus puhuttelee enemmän kuin yksinpurjehtijoiden, vapaustaistelijoiden, suurten innovaattoreiden ja julkisuuden kyllästyttämien hahmojen toistuva kaava.

Jos mies kuvailee itseään sohvan, tupakin ja sporttituijottelun kautta, niin voi olla varma että nyt ollaan rehellisellä, paskanjauhannasta vapaalla alueella. Markon elämään varmasti mahtuu paljon hyvää ja huonoa. Ihminen kuten kuka tahansa muukin, eikä ainakaan vähempää kuin ne joiden historioista yleensä kirjoitetaan.

Stormzy hates Pep Roulette 😂 by MH18Foot in FantasyPL

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Gotta love his genuine frustration. It's always fun to realise you share the same experiences with 6x MOBO winner

By god, he’s done it. by singalongwithme in FantasyPL

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Went for Wilson literally because of the differential value as I was trailing. This here though was just ridiculous and even beyond my wishlist

[LFC] Firmino, Keita, Milner and Oxlade-Chamberlain to leave LFC this summer by Mcool18 in soccer

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Same as a non-Liverpool fan. The way how he makes the attack click, plays with space etc. is amazing, not to talk even about the fancy stuff. Incredibly entertaining player.