Anthony Joshua's response to the Dillian Whyte fight rumours by No-Shoe5382 in Boxing

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rappers drop his name all the time, just like they did with tyson, Ali & others. its culture

Marta Kostyuk Of Ukraine Refuses To Shake Hands With Aryna Sabalenka Of Belarus At French Open by HydrolicKrane in sports

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Imagine the uproar if a Vietnamese, Iraqi or Afghanistani player not shaking hands with an American or English player or an American football player kneeling during their national anthem…

I remember when the the massacre of My Lai doco was posted , it was met with “oh it was a small sect of soldiers that was out of order” , “we shouldnt blame the whole army carrying out the duties” , “we should learn from our mistakes” yada yada yada. All apologist bullshit

It just shows that its ok to discriminate everyone who is Russian, not just Putin & his soldiers. The hypocrisy is laughable.

Brazilian Beauty Pageant 2nd Place Winner’s Husband Goes Berserk And Smashes Crown On Stage After His Wife Loses by ashleybino in facepalm

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i cant watch with people who be swearing & absolutely losing their temper man, makes it unenjoyable

Happier now than ever by naturekiwis in newzealand

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hmmm i wonder why Africa as a continent needs to be an underclass society & in constant conflict, most definitely NOT for their minerals aye bro 🤔🤔🤔 theres a specific clause within law that can be enacted which frees African nations from the debt of IMF. If you go on video right now & say it; you & your family will most definitely be greeted with the biggest welcome from intelligence agencies.

while USA was one of only countries that voted to keep apartheid going in the UN lmao. NZ provided agent orange to USA in the vietnam war too, history isnt pretty

im from someone from the 3rd world country, while we acknowledge its a shit show what Putin has done but its crack up that the West think we’re gonna be all kumbaya thinking this is the biggest atrocities ever to have touched earth

Happier now than ever by naturekiwis in newzealand

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exactly, missed the days where black people were undemocratically represented by the minority of white people & being used as slave labour, shame we cant exploit black people anymore 😞

jog on

David Seymour believing NZ is currently experiencing a ‘reign of woke terror’ by Alderson808 in newzealand

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who do u think Seymour was talking bout talking bout “woke terror” then ? theres nothing woke about Labour except maintaining the status quo lmao

David Seymour believing NZ is currently experiencing a ‘reign of woke terror’ by Alderson808 in newzealand

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not an act or national fan but i find it funny as hell they they champion labour as the heroes of working class

[Fight Thread] Parker vs Opelu by _Sarcasmic_ in Boxing

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can anyone help a bro out to wtch this fight ? send a dm or something cheers.

Highlight from embarrassing interview Musk just gave by yargmematey in cringe

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what the fuck was that quote 🤣🤣🤣 im crying

He decided to throw life. by thepositivepandemic in dankmemes

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i finished watching breaking bad & its crack up seeing ppl champion walter white character like this king, dude is this insecure lil wimp that gets lucky. the old ex cop guy character is basically there to warn him countless time

also he got another man practically raising his kid out of love then betrays him

Some kids on a field trip had a ranch war in the bathroom. This is an apology letter from one. by mollymayne in pics

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this isnt healthy at all, im sorry this shit happened to u, it shouldnt happen to anybodys loved ones man. damn

i hope you are strong now, or fighting through whatever going with you my friend 💪🏾

Anyone else find Kanoa Lloyd swooning over Jason Momoa a bit bizarre? by Not-a-scintilla in newzealand

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you dont even have to go far with this, look at NZ tv

Heartbreak Island

Fboy island

The real housewives of Auckland - got cancelled cause it was so out of touch

Dance floor hack: how to turn your purse into a backpack ;) by cattywampus08 in lifehacks

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idk if you’ve been to a concert or festival but generally people are cool & will stop cunts tryna steal your shit but it can be a location thing so