Typical ‘How do I get my family to understand me’ post by DirtGypsy in Narcolepsy

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I took Modafinil but was having to split my pills into quarters and take them like every 2 hours for it to work. I took Armodafinil for a week and it didn’t really do anything. I got defeated and stopped taking either because I’m mostly functional without it and too scared to try Xywav.

Thankfully my boyfriend is extremely understanding and pushes me to be better without judging me or forcing me, and so I think my stress about all of this will fade pretty dramatically when we move in together. I just wish there was a way to get my parents to understand. I think accepting they won’t and not stressing about it like you said is honestly the best bet. Thanks for the advice! :)

Test BEFORE you ingest! I will have FREE harm reduction supplies with me at ALL residency stops! by Echoecho1985 in KGATLW

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I will have narcan at all the caverns shows besides Friday! OP is doing a great thing. Never be afraid to ask your neighbors for help & stay hydrated 😎

first look at the g-suit shades and packaging! by andreaclc in glossier

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Anyone else keep saying ‘g-suite’ in their heads. I don’t really like the name.

Joined the tattoo fanclub! by DirtGypsy in AnimalCollective

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It was a really hard choice between the girl in pink with the bird on her head and the goat. I just loved the goats silly little sweat bands

Wakix by FactSeekerIre in Narcolepsy

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I am not on Wakix but I do take Modafinil 200mg. After having Covid in November I was exhausted all day for about 2 weeks and felt like my Modafinil was doing nothing. Eventually I slowly started feeling more awake & less fatigued and felt back to ‘normal’ about 4 weeks after. Its most likely post covid fatigue. I talked to my neurologist about it at the time and he told me to just stay consistent with taking my medicine and let him know if I didnt feel better in a month or two, but I did. I’d just wait it out! Post Covid sucks

December Buy/Sell Thread by RandomPrecision1 in KGATLW

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Looking to sell 1 ticket for 6/12 & 1 ticket for 6/13 (Chicago Salt Shed)

Han Tyumi tattoo by DirtGypsy in KGATLW

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Its black shading! The cream she used on it before wrapping it was green so it kind of gave the whole thing a green tint :) the red eyes are my fav too!

Han Tyumi tattoo by DirtGypsy in KGATLW

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Cant wait to show this bad boy off Nov 2nd

Set list from summer stage last night! by DirtGypsy in AnimalCollective

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It was great! Screens & Gem and I were both amazing. Whole set was exceptional

Gen G in NJ by DirtGypsy in glossier

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A Marshalls in Monmouth County

Gen G in NJ by DirtGypsy in glossier

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I’ve been checking the past couple days at diff locations around me and nothing—checked at like 9:30 am today & it was there. Dont give up!