I think tomorrow is going to be a big day for crypto. by Obvious_Aerie5458 in CryptoCurrency

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  1. Coinbase being listed legitimizes the crypto space in a way that it has never been legitimized in 12 years.

  2. It blends two markets together directly, instead of bitcoin mining being the main focus (Riot and Mara).

  3. It puts focus on the ALT coin space, not just bitcoin, and will help mainstream new asset classes.

  4. It will bring old legacy money and new money together.

I mentioned Robinhood and PayPal because people who have NO exposure to crypto use these platforms regularly. If someone buys COIN the stock, they may be more open to buying the assets that are Coinbase in conjunction on robin hood. Robinhood is garbage for buying crypto, but for the noob...it is very easy.

It is the most anticipated IPO of 2021. Not sure what your talking about, sorry.

Bitcoin is currently worth more than Brazils entire stock market by Jadonblade in CryptoCurrency

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A pile of quarters and a used honda is worth more than Brazil’s stock market.

My father called me today to buy crypto by johnkzor in CryptoCurrency

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Bear market incoming. Grandma’s “poking” you on facebook.

Who else has 100% networth into crypto? by heartbroken3333 in CryptoCurrency

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This will be the post everyone goes back to in the bear market.

Surefire way to get Rekt at anything in life, putting all your eggs in one basket.

XRP is the reason you do not listen to this sub’s popular opinions. by IfByLand in CryptoCurrency

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It would be great for a win. I am actually happy it is a month away for the decision Xrp needs a breather. If they “lose”, or the case is not dismissed for some reason I expect a cliff though.

A month breather gives a good timeline to take profit though.

Just because your shit coin is up 20% today. by hereforthewaffle in CryptoCurrency

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Xrp not Ripple...Ripple is a company.

It looks like the verdict is out May 14th on the lawsuit. Will it continue or be dismissed? I expect accumulation for the next four weeks, small bags being sold off before and hodling.


I think tomorrow is going to be a big day for crypto. by Obvious_Aerie5458 in CryptoCurrency

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“The dots don’t connect”. The biggest exchange in the US dropping on the nasdaq during the biggest bull run in Crypto history thus far.

You know, I can’t see the connection. Crypto able to be purchased at the touch of a button on robin-hood or PayPal or any exchange, institutional investors who all invest in the stock market.

Nothing to see folks. Up until now, Riot, Mara were some of the only exposure people could get (Riot and Mara are at 50 dollars up from 3.50 cents!)

Just “hopium” I guess. Lol

My girlfriend's husband wants her out of his house so he can bring in his girlfriend [Cuck-inception] by Jules_ugh in japancirclejerk

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Serious. And nothing like asking a bunch of foreigners who can’t even screw in a light bulb for legal advice. Guy thinks “onigiri” is a venereal disease.

My girlfriend's husband wants her out of his house so he can bring in his girlfriend [Cuck-inception] by Jules_ugh in japancirclejerk

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Are there any laws!? Geez. She speaks Japanese.....like she can’t call a lawyer.

White knighting and turning to the low IQ feedback from reddit isn’t going to save this situation. Reddit, does anyone know laws for Japanese women.....(sigh)

She is probably still married legally....oooffff, this guy knows how to choose them.

Who else is trying to pull themselves out of extreme poverty using crypto? by Throwawayacccounts in CryptoCurrency

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Truth. We have room in this run. And coinbase is dropping mid run which is crazy.

But this being said, always be skeptical and take profits with a portion of your Cyrpto, it just doesn’t go up forever in this space, although it feels like it can....

Anyone else not so worried about a crypto crash? by roberthonker in CryptoCurrency

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Absolutely worried. To me, goldman sachs and Jp morgan getting involved in Crypto is frightening.

Coinbase Listing Will Cause "Crypto Gold Rush", Say ETF Investors by pepperonimilkjuice5 in CryptoCurrency

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I have a feeling WSB its going to get a hold of this stock. It’s going to be like Tesla fever all over again.

Interest will pour over into Crypto as well, which is great for us. Riot and Mara will also benefit, and made hit triple digits.

Just my opinion, but the coin-base IPO is one of the most exciting things to happen to the Crypto space this bull tun. The Nasdaq listing legitamzies the Crypto market to a different kind of investor (and age group).

Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. by mrsenthil in CryptoCurrency

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BNB , no thank you. The CEO is a snake, forcing people to buy a certain Crypto in order to use an exchange at a reasonable trade rate is extortion.

“Being too early is the same as being wrong” - applied to crypto by BuffettsBrokeBro in CryptoCurrency

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Blackberry stock applied to Crypto....I definitely understand the connection you are trying to making here.. ... ... ...

Japan’s Slow Vaccine Rollout Pushes Back Recovery Time Frame - The Japan Times by amyranthlovely in japan

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We have a regular Sherlock holmes here. Something done slowly and inefficiently causes a slow result.

(Rumor) Walmart announcing huge bitcoin buy in May? by sgg129 in Bitcoin

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"When they buy" It was a hypothetical article published in bitcoinmagazine.......a pseudo researched based fan fiction bitcoin magazine.


source: typing the words "Walmart buys bitcoin" into a search bar.

Would you pay for college with crypto? What about receiving student financial aid and loans in crypto? Romanian college programs to accept crypto payments for admission expenses by Papa-Lou in CryptoCurrency

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You can pay for college in cyrpto.

Just sell the crypto for "money" and pay tuition with that. This sounds like another PayPal payment method. "Hey you can buy socks on PayPal with lite coin" Or just use ........ money.