Disc pitch reel by unchuckable in ultimate

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I would pay $1000000 to have USAU replace every grit and grace commercial with just this reel over and over.

Seriously though, amazing work!

Ice Cream Themed Team Schemes Dream Seams by Dr_Dewey in ultimate

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Currently the store will be open through next Wednesday, 8/31. That may get extended but I’d suggest ordering by then to be sure!

Is playing 8 games in a regular season tournament too much? by Spencerroberts15 in ultimate

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I'm convinced that this is the best format for any tournament, with the obvious limitation being that only having 12 teams can feel "small" for big time tournaments like the series.

Help they're putting me on O-line by wet-ass-apartment in ultimate

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Less serious thought is that I found switching to o-line easier when I thought of it as defense but they just give you the disc for free to start.

More serious thought is that o line's job isn't to be perfect, it's to be replicable. D line offense almost always has relatively less overall disc skills and more overall athletic edge, so the styles that often make sense will have more variance, especially when you add in the chaos of transition offense. In other words, D lines need to be opportunistic, because it's less likely that system play will be their strong suit. O lines are more reliant on system play because the goal should be that your players can use that system to dictate play - if that's happening, that means you'll be much more likely to replicate that success consistently, as your team is the one making it happen. The other advantage to that system heavy approach is that it's easier to determine where things are going awry when they go wrong (because they will definitely go wrong at some point), which again helps with being able to replicate success. An example of this that comes to mind is a college game (from 2019 maybe?) between I think UNC and Oregon. UNC at one point runs a "sweep" play to initiate the offense four times in a row, with success, because Oregon doesn't adjust for it. Not only is UNC dictating the events of a given play, but they're doing so in a way that they can then practice and replicate repeatedly.

Bottom line though is that the best o lines in the world get broken. Try to avoid playing from a deficit mindset of "I can't mess this up" and lean into a more growth mindset of "what am I doing that is working and how can I do more of it."

The first player in the stack couldn't break his defense. What should he have done differently? by azoozty in ultimate

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I think their cut is ineffective because the defender only has to worry about one thing - don't get beat to the cone. In an otherwise pretty even match of athletic capability, it can be very hard to just fight your way open, especially against someone with good positioning. I would suggest two adjustments here, depending on overall team strategy: 1. The first player in the stack waits until the center handler makes their upline cut, then cuts to fill that backfield space. They should either get the break around throw or, if their defender has committed to stopping that, they should then have a great opportunity to strike up the line for a score. 2. If the strategy is to fully commit to running this cutter in isolation, the could set up shading to the open side in front of their thrower. Now if the defender commits 100% to stopping cuts to the cone, there should be a sizable window for an inside break throw. This is sort of what the cutter is trying to do with their first cut but they don't drive far enough into the force-side lane, resulting in a very small inside break window, one which is also going to be heading straight for the stack where another defender could make a play on it. Overall, I think this cutter is trying to do too much in a situation where they have the least amount of advantage - the disc should swing and then they should move off of that motion, as then they'll be able to force their defender to make a choice about what they're going to take away, instead of just trying to beat them in a foot race.

foul or nah? by B77345-100 in ultimate

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I think this is already addressed by the nature of the defense also being able to call a dangerous play. Let's say the offense throws directly towards a poach, then as the defender is about to catch the disc a player on offense jumps into them and catches it instead, causing considerable contact. The defensive player could absolutely call a dangerous play and, if upheld/uncontested, would get the block. That scenario is different to me than what happens in the play in the clip here - what we're seeing is a risky throw, but the offensive cutter still gets to the right spot and goes pretty much straight up, while the defender makes a dangerous play to try to compete for the disc. In the end, the quality of the throw doesn't really matter - it's all about positioning and if contact needs to be created for a player to have a way to attack a disc.

foul or nah? by B77345-100 in ultimate

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I think this is a textbook dangerous play by the new definition. From the USAU rulebook, one of the examples they list is: "jumping or otherwise leaving the ground where it is likely that a significant collision will result." Also, from the positioning section: "A player who jumps is entitled to land at the take-off spot without hindrance by opponents. That player also is entitled to land at another spot, provided that the landing spot, and the direct path between the take-off and landing spots, were not already occupied at the time of take-off. " White was unable to land where they took off because green jumped in a way where they could not land without contacting white. I'd be very interested to know why the observer ruled as they did and if it had to do with the explanation that the player gave regarding the foul (for example, if they said that they touched the disc before green and it was therefore a foul, that did not happen, but it's all the observer could rule on).

New Formats at Regionals Seek to Reduce Total Games Played by TDenverFan in ultimate

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My team played 4 regular length games on a Saturday at Ski Town Classic in August, with one of them just being a pool 1 seed crossover for bracket seeding, which seemed unnecessary given the non-existent stakes of the tournament.

Many ICU staff have experienced mental health disorders in COVID-19 pandemic. On average 48 percent of participants showed signs of mental health conditions - depression, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). by Wagamaga in science

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My wife works as a nurse - she had a sort of "aha" moment while attending a presentation on mental health her unit offered. The presenter made a point about how framing for something like this matters a lot for understanding its impact on workers. They (the presenter) had worked previously as a crisis nurse of sorts, where she would be dropped into emergency situations (things like natural disaster relief) - she said this was very similar in a lot of ways. As the pandemic started, nurses/healthcare workers were told:

  1. We don't know much about this virus.

  2. You're at risk and some of your colleagues will die from it.

  3. The local government doesn't have the means to get you proper safety equipment.

  4. Many people locally, including powerful politicians, don't believe in the risks of the virus and will not seek to aid you, and may actually try to stop you from administering aid.

  5. When those people then get sick, you will need to then take care of them.

  6. You will not be able to see many of your own family or friends for an unknown amount of time, likely months, but could be years.

  7. The hospital has little to no money for extra compensation but we will try to provide you free food on your shifts.

7b. The free food was too expensive, but here's a water bottle.

  1. Thank you so much for your work! You're a hero and society would collapse without you. Here is a rock that says "nurses rock!"

Hard not to look at the current moment (both in relation to this event and other parts of modern life) and think that people in the future will think of us with more pity, less sympathy - "oh, they knew exactly how shitty and unfair everything was, but just didn't have the ability to do much of anything about it."

Colorado Club Tryouts, 2021 by Andrew_Vaughn in ultimate

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This is great! Thanks for doing it. Denver Sweet Action is planning for an open tryout June 2 and then a few invite tryouts after that. We'll be posting more info on IG and Facebook soon.

USA Ultimate Introduces Ultimate 4's Rules by TDenverFan in ultimate

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What are the dimensions of the field/court you're playing on? Endzones look tiny

Richmond Cup | $10,000 Cash Purse | June 12-13, 2021 | A Premier Mixed Ultimate Event by XIIBrands in ultimate

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I'm curious - are you primarily looking for teams that previously existed as mixed teams within the USAU club structure? Or would you accept teams of players who haven't all played together before but who have strong accolades from their prior single-gender teams?

Everyone is a Handler by MattGuyNZ in ultimate

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I think the best way to take advantage of it is to surprise people with handlers cutting deep and cutters filling quickly - often times downfield cutters have opportunities to hit reset spots that handlers have to do more work to create and handlers pushing deep quickly can cause confusion and calls for switches that open up opportunities. I think a lot of developing teams get too stuck in who is supposed to do what and then teams can more easily game plan defenses, even within a normal match defense structure. It's always going to be easier to guard someone like a handler if you know that they're unlikely to ever leave the handler space.

Wanted to post this as food-for-thought for the "mixed just isn't as competitive" crowd still out there. Let's all be better and more inclusive. 👍 ✌️ by OGgunter in ultimate

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I'd be interested to know what the difference is for the percent of people who think that mixed as a concept can't be as competitive as single-gender vs people who think that the current mixed division in the US has a shallower talent pool than the single-gender divisions. I think the first of those two ideas is wrong - high level mixed is extremely competitive and exciting (if you're not sold, I think the World's Games matches between US and Colombia are a great example of premier ultimate in a mixed setting).

The latter idea lends itself to more interesting comparisons. Hypothetically, a mixed team can be thought of as the top end of two single-gender teams, put together. This is how this argument is typically framed - you'll hear something like "if you put the top half of Riot and the top half of Sockeye on a team, they'd win mixed nationals." With that framing, you could then reverse that process and ask: if the women/men from Amp combined with the women/men of Mischief, how would those single gender teams perform?

The real question being asked here, as far as I can tell, is: on average, are the players in the nationals tier of the single-gender divisions more athletic and more talented than those in mixed division? My guess is that any existing differences would likely be found primarily in teams 9-16 and be relatively small. Another interesting way to frame this question is: if you took all of the players from the women's and men's divisions and shuffled them into mixed teams, would bracket play from that tournament look like "better" ultimate (i.e. fewer turnovers/better efficiency and more thoughtful strategies) than what we currently see from the bracket in mixed?

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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I'm not understanding how this is putting a thumb on the scale - in most visualizations there is a choice to be made about what information is most important. The choice here was to focus on recent cases and changes in the dynamic since the summer. Also, the context of the spring doesn't change the meaning of these figures - yes, there were also a lot of hospitalizations in the spring, but knowing that doesn't somehow change that there are lots of hospitalizations now, especially given that the spikes are so similar.

If the chart scale had been changed to exaggerate the figures to make the jump look larger, that's no good. But choosing not to include every bit of longitudinal data when said data doesn't intrinsically affect the data that are shown is not massaging the data.

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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Thank you for helping! Hopefully she eventually learns to appreciate why you made the choice you made (and why it is the right choice).

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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I've seen communications from the University of Colorado specifically asking asymptomatic employees to get tested (they're offering the testing) - the state has a testing site here with information about how to get tested here https://www.primarybio.com/r/cdphe?registration_type=default. Honestly, I'm not sure that there's a clear protocol from the state - even just in these comments, there are clearly different messages being sent by different organizations and I don't think the state is helping them to know what needs to happen best (or potentially hasn't had the resources to support what they knew was best anyway)

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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Fair point. In my mind this is sort of looking at cases/day because that’s shown in the difference between bars, but you’re right that just using the cases/day chart could have accomplished the same thing and been more clear.

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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Fair, I honestly cut it off because this was originally formatted for IG and needed square images and this first picture is meant to give people immediate context for what we need to be focused on. The fact of the matter is that the chart is publicly available and the additional early situation doesn’t actually change the context anyway because it was just as bad then and that’s why we went into the original lockdown. But I should have included a zero line (I mean that earnestly) because it’s actually in this image from a scale point of view, it’s just edited out

Infographic on why the next few weeks are incredibly critical for our city and state. by Dr_Dewey in Denver

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Hey - I commented on this above. Fogmonger is wrong about how they understood the chart. See my comment for more info and explanation.