My Josh Homme project collection has a few boots, some leg and some electric by DPStylesJr in vinyl

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I was at that show where he kicked the photographer. We all kinda just…stopped.

We kept looking at each other, not quite thinking what we saw happen actually happened. But it did happen, and I honestly haven’t listened to QotSA since.

Not out of some self-righteous boycott; but, because it just doesn’t feel right.

I had heard Homme got into lots of trouble while with Kyuss, so this wasn’t surprising.

With all the recent news... by HerbalThought_ in XFiles

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His treatment of Scully in Season 11 really upset her. Don’t want to give any spoilers.

'Jackass' Star Bam Margera Arrested for Public Intoxication by adamsandleryabish in television

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Just want to say that many men don’t fully finish puberty until mid-to-late twenties.

So, him drinking heavily in his early 20’s could still have stunted his mental development

With all the recent news... by HerbalThought_ in XFiles

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She did specifically say she would never work on the show with CC ever again.

Manhattan Trump grand jury set to break for a month by disorderliesonthe401 in politics

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It needs to be deliberate, purposeful, and thorough. Many times that means it is also slow — as a byproduct.

In this case, it’s slow as a primary driver.

The Katana ZERO DLC is still on the way, but there are other stories to be told... Sharpen your blades, Katana Heroes. The spirits are gathering... by SlartySprinter in Games

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And it feels better to play than those. I love Dead Cells, but Katana Zero just felt tighter.

Like Celeste-level precision controls

Disney to lay off 7,000 staff, shuts down metaverse division by samiy2k in technews

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Not afraid so much as opportunists. If you know you can lay off 7,000 people and not catch a ton of shit for it, then you — as a shitbag of a boss — would do it.

The 3DS and Wii U eShops have been permanently shut down. by razorbeamz in nintendo

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Security updates required to ensure your credit card is not hacked or data stolen is the main reason they gave way back when it was first announced.

Does anyone else miss Stephen King's books set in small towns with everyday horror? by KeeperofQueensCorgis in stephenking

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I feel like this is what Holly will be. I just get the feeling that it will be her trying to retreat to a small town and then get wrapped up in something horrific.

A professor says he's stunned that ChatGPT went from a D grade on his economics test to an A in just 3 months by callumG in technology

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It’s why sophomore albums from artists are typically not as well received as the debut album.

You have years to craft that debut album. No one is expecting anything from you — or even knows who you are.

But the second one? That’s when everyone knows you, hyped up what your next output should be, and severely limits the time you have to perfect it.

Who had the best performance in the Roadhouse? by CrniTartuf in twinpeaks

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They were asked, they just couldn’t because they were on tour.

They confirmed this on a recent AMA.

My mom found a cellphone from 1994, before they were called cellphones by SnooEagles9747 in mildlyinteresting

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That’s my point. Person above was saying that mobile phones were never called car phones. They absolutely were called car phones through the early 90’s

AOC just posted her first TikTok! by greatestmofo in TikTokCringe

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It’s a simple solution: take Californias SB1177 and propose it as federal law.

Among other things, it clearly states that students own their data, can request any and all data being tracked at any time, and can demand the correction of any data.

Most EdTech companies follow this law already, because CA is a huge state. So, it’s clear companies operating outside CA can easily comply.

Who had the best performance in the Roadhouse? by CrniTartuf in twinpeaks

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I loved the performance by Beach House —— oh, wait. :/

Pioneer Scout Swimmers Exam bugged? by HusKyIOI in fo76

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You sometimes need to server hop if you’re answering every question correctly, but still getting 4/5. One hop should do it.

I know you solved your issue, but this is for a future Redditor who might stumble upon this

Im lvl 125,and i just learned by Brav3starr in fo76

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Yes. Prioritize Tadpole/Possum completion so you have more backpack mod options.

Everyone has their preference of mods, but all of them will help you in one way or another

New Bethesda Support Item List by ynohtnaekul in fo76

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I mean proof that this entire service is being offered on an ongoing basis because of one customer service rep’s mess up.