Are there any scuba diving centric trip/travel agency things aimed toward...college age/mid 20 year olds? by NoFateButWeMake722 in scuba

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I use https://gluup.mx/en for my scuba trips to Mexico. They organize entire trips, or are helpful if you just want one day of diving. I've used them a couple of times before for multiple day trips with different dive shops. Highly recommend!

2022 PERFORMANCES TICKET THREAD - BUY/SELL/TRADE by murkler42 in arcadefire

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Selling 4 tickets for Boston tonight. Section 305, $25 each

H-1B lottery closed for 2022, no second round by not_an_immi_lawyer in immigration

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The TN visa is not a dual intent visa. Unless you are pursuing the green card some other way, the TN won't allow you to get it.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in immigration

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As others have said you need it every time. The only reason they need it is because your visa stamp doesn't say if it's an L1-A, or L1-B, so they use the I129 to check. Just tell them you are on an L1-B before they ask for the I129 and usually they won't ask for it anymore.

Advice for diving in Miami by LGoncalves14 in scuba

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In August drive to jupiter (1h 30m drive north of Miami) for the annual Goliath grouper aggregation. They usually take shelter on wrecks so you get a wreck dive with those huge monsters around it. I went with jupiter dive center. They have charters on specific dates just for the Goliath grouper dives.

Recommendations for Jupiter / Palm Beach by frohstr in scuba

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When are you going? The Goliath grouper aggregation during August is amazing. Went last year with jupiter dive center and highly recommend. Saw 30+ Goliath groupers just hanging by a wreck.

Daily Song Discussion #76: England by beardlesshipster in TheNational

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Hearing the first keys on the piano always gives me chills.

Rick Astley recreates multiple scenes from Never Gonna Give You Up to celebrate its 35th anniversary by HydratedHomie in videos

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Somewhere out there, is a person that did the first rick roll ever and started a movement.

What was the "im sure it wont happen to me" but then it did? by barrack_osama69 in AskReddit

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Just happened to me today! For a second time. In 2 different countries. Hope my credit score doesn't go to shit here as it did in my home country.