Sorry sun fans: Seattle's slow march toward winter temps begins today by fast4words in Seattle

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Proposed Virginia Mason-CHI Franciscan merger increases worry about Catholic limits on health care in Washington state by gharrity in Seattle

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"Catholic providers differ over whether gender transition care is permitted, but Virginia Mason said its service offerings for LGBTQ patients would not change."

However, VM wouldn’t make an exec available for an interview so 🧐. ACLU and Planned Parenthood are meeting with the CEO this month.

Proposed Virginia Mason-CHI Franciscan merger increases worry about Catholic limits on health care in Washington state by gharrity in Seattle

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Hmm. My guess would be that as they keep absorbing secular hospital systems they continually gather that data to use as a counter to public health accusations that their “faith-based” care restrictions affect their ability to provide equal coverage to all.

Look, they’ll say, we serve people of every faith, let us show you the stats.

Proposed Virginia Mason-CHI Franciscan merger increases worry about Catholic limits on health care in Washington state by gharrity in Seattle

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Was born at Virginia Mason, and have received excellent care from them for many years. This is bullshit. I will not be returning to them if this merger goes through.

“The issue is seen as particularly urgent in Washington, where Swedish Medical Center — the largest nonprofit health care system in the Puget Sound area — merged with Providence Health & Services in 2012 and stopped providing emergency services to end pregnancies at the hospital. Bellingham and other Washington cities saw similar service cessations following Catholic takeovers of non-Catholic hospitals.”


“Research shows most Catholic facilities do not explicitly inform patients about their faith-based care restrictions and that physicians, particularly OB-GYNs, often struggle to arrange workarounds to get patients care they need, such as birth controls. Doctors say they are discouraged from even informing patients about medical options forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church.

“Washington advocacy groups are particularly worried the merger will reduce access to services in Yakima, where Virginia Mason Memorial is the only hospital.”

How the Pandemic Defeated America by DJTHatesPuertoRicans in politics

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Shout out to the Atlantic for lifting its paywall for this article. Ed Yong is an amazing writer; grateful to have him covering this.

Inside the Project Veritas Plan to Steal the Election by gharrity in politics

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“If you strain to look beyond the lonely partisan kitsch of James O’Keefe’s bungled scams and harebrained hoaxes, it’s plain to see the march of a whole battalion of Diamond Dog operatives and lawyers, turned loose on the integrity of the ballot in key battleground states.”

Nikkita Oliver's comment on the white vigilantes that Chief Best celebrated in today's statement. by cam94509 in Seattle

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Thank you for posting this up! The chief is working so hard at her spin, the strain really shows. Warms the heart!

These idiots keep going to Council Members Houses by baffoo in SeattleWA

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A public gathering for peaceful aims outside an elected official’s home or property is civic participation, free assembly protected by that pesky first amendment to the Constitution.

These idiots keep going to Council Members Houses by baffoo in SeattleWA

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Persistent protesting to engage officials at their homes is a tactic that worked well in the 1960s.

This is the group that lost a member killed on the freeway and another gravely injured. Last week one of their bicycle protectors was bloodied by an angry driver who jumped from his car and smashed him in the head with a bullhorn. That was on another of their peaceful marches, to CM Juarez’s house.

Every single day the mayor and the chief issue carefully crafted anti-protestor stories that we have paid for through the salaries of their public relations staff. There are worries this may cause the council to buckle in their resolve.

So they are persistent. And they are loud. They are working to protect Black lives. They are reminding the council to stick to their guns, and not be swayed by the slick machinations of the mayor and chief.

They may stop going out every day when they think of something better, but not until then.

Until then they will protest daily, and more of us should go join them now and then.

Anyone here part of the protest outside Chief Best's house? by [deleted] in Seattle

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All the local TV news stories will be issued simultaneously, since chief best sent her letter directly to them so they could turn it into a hot story.

unarmed peaceful protesters showed up during the day at her Snohomish county neighborhood, and her neighbors armed themselves and frightened the protesters away.

Chief best is claiming she was threatened by these protestors, and has issued a letter in an attempt to frame the narrative her way.

The next day should have lots of links on here to various TV news outlet attempts to cover it, perhaps a Seattle Times article that tries to be a little more even handed, links to chief best’s letter, perhaps links to the videos of protesters being driven off by armed snohomish county neighbors of the Chief.

So we have that to look forward to.

Free Dick’s for medical personnel on Tuesday! by Miracole in Seattle

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Thing about Dick’s the last ten years is that they get our enthusiastic consent to a tasty nostalgic cheap meal, but then the Spady family that inherited the place uses our goodwill as lube to pump their limp right-wing political agenda.

All I want is my two specials, fry, and strawberry shake. Try any other funny business and the nearest pampered Spady gets a sharp kick in his wingnuts.