Trump Ally At Voice of America Replaced By News Executive He Recently Demoted by gharrity in politics

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Evildoers got escorted from the building! Biden making the woman they tried to force out the new chief is glorious.

According to two people with knowledge, Reilly and his deputy, former State Department official Elizabeth Robbins, were escorted from the building. Robbins has told colleagues she is on "administrative leave."

Their patron, former U.S. Agency for Global Media CEO Michael Pack, resigned yesterday at Biden's request after a stormy seven-month term in which he said he had to "drain the swamp" at VOA and USAGM. Some of Pack's loyalists who were still at the agency were trying as late as Thursday afternoon to force out the executives and senior VOA staff that Pack targeted, according to four people with knowledge.

The new acting director of Voice of America is Yolanda Lopez, a veteran journalist who had led VOA's News Center until last week. On Jan. 12, Lopez was stripped of all editorial oversight of the English-language news hub after one of her White House reporters posed pointed questions to then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about his remarks, made after the presidential election, about a second Trump administration.

Judge refuses to reinstate Parler’s Amazon account by gharrity in Seattle

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Several good articles coming out about this. The Seattle Times’s wasn’t particularly well done, though it did mention that the crappy Sammamish-based Epik (owned by that longtime platformer for Nazis Rob Monster) is still hosting Parler’s shell.

Here’s NPR’s story as well. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/21/956486352/judge-refuses-to-reinstate-parler-after-amazon-shut-it-down

Call for Seattle Conservatives by AlternativelyBananas in Seattle

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a Seattle branch of the American Workers Party

Excuse me but Wiki says that party disbanded in 1934.

Therefore as registered internet comment agent of both the Partying Workers of America and the American Party Workers, this reply will serve as a cease and desist notice for your attempted trade name infringement.

Don't you dare "be putting this call out more broadly online," or we will be forced to text our cousin who has a paralegal certificate. Party on.

Seattle man charged with assault, felony harassment, accused of targeting journalists during protests at Washington State Capitol by FearandWeather in Seattle

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Ordinarily this reporter isn’t that out of it. I wonder if she wrote it up and the editors cut it? The Times has some crusty ass right wingers up top so...

Anyone successfully negotiate rent with current corporate landlord? by Sad_Transition_6033 in Seattle

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Earlier this month Chase Burns of the Stranger tweeted out encouragement to negotiate, he won a $600/month reduction.

Edit: I’m seeing that it looks like you want to try renegotiating during a lease term rather than near renewal, so you’d have to adapt these suggestions somehow. Sorry I don’t have an exact reference to offer for that situation. Good luck!

“The way I structured it was: — We love living here, we’d like to make it our long-time home

— That said, we’d be silly not to look around, and the prices/offers around us are much cheaper

— Can you offer us a reduction so we can commit to this building”

Finally Leaving Seattle! by Bradyg1912 in Seattle

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I mean, based on what you’ve written I don’t disagree.

Finally Leaving Seattle! by Bradyg1912 in Seattle

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Wonder why OP didn’t post this at the other sub? They’d throw a parade.

Seattle and the ‘Really Big One™️’ by sinuous_sausage in Seattle

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I do not like this comment one little bit, but I appreciate it very much.

Three Additional SPD Officers Under Investigation For Possible Involvement in Attack on US Capitol - SPD Blotter by gharrity in Seattle

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They are additional, so five. (Edit: so weird SPD didn’t just mention the total somewhere.)

Republican Secretary of State may quit the GOP by Alternative-Checked in Seattle

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I suppose she'd go from the spotlight of "Republican taking as much care with voter rights as a Democrat would" to being just...a Democrat among Dems. Tough to set that aside.

Republican Secretary of State may quit the GOP by Alternative-Checked in Seattle

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I suppose that depends on what her plan is for herself. If any. It’s entirely possible that positioning during that continuing tailwind you mention may be what’s relevant to her press statement on this, not an actual move to another party.

Republican Secretary of State may quit the GOP by Alternative-Checked in Seattle

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No, her playbook was to join “moderate” GOP bigwigs when they’d denounce the occasional particularly horrible remark the then-president made, but stick with the party from which he drew strength. Pretty much the standard GOP dance for the four years with Trump.

To her great credit, she was quick to fine the “faithless electors.”

My guess is there’s zero chance she will actually leave the Republican Party. If she didn’t do it during Trump, she certainly won’t do it now.

North Idaho company will pay $50K to resolve eviction moratorium lawsuit by gharrity in Washington

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Strong work by our state AG folks for some Spokane County tenants.

In order to resolve the lawsuit, Whitewater Creek entered into a legally enforceable agreement to make the $50,000 payment and will take additional accountability measures to avoid future violations of the law, Ferguson's office said in a press release on Tuesday.

Whitewater Creek is now legally required to train employees on tenants’ rights, and must give notice to Ferguson's office over the next three years when it initiates eviction proceedings or refers a tenant to its landlord-tenant attorneys for non-payment of rent.

“Due to the pandemic, many Washingtonians are struggling,” Ferguson said. “Whitewater Creek is a sophisticated company. Nonetheless, it illegally threatened its tenants, most of whom have limited means. This resolution holds them accountable and sends a message to others that they need to follow the law.”

Naked Gun: Liam Neeson Says Seth McFarlane Has Approached Him to Star in Reboot by ndamee in movies

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Problematic white men doing reboots together is not the flavor I want for 2021.

Reporter David Kroman: “Councilmember Kshama Sawant (@cmkshama) says she’s been getting death threats from someone with a city email address, apparently from inside the Fire Department. Unclear if this is a hack or actually from the employee, who seems to be high-ranking.” by gharrity in Seattle

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Oh she’s doing this aspect of getting death threats wrong too, is she? 🙄

I suppose it’s possible she did notify them, but this letter was directed specifically at city officials only. On the other hand, it may be she believes the FBI under Trump’s DOJ has long been monitoring all her communications so they already know. 😄