Most relatable Arcade Fire lyrics? by HomeschoolersSuck in arcadefire

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“‘Till every room in my house is full of shit I couldn’t live without. Every inch of space in my heart is filled with something I’ll never start”

How would I sell my Taylor Swift tickets at ticket value? Looking for ideas. by [deleted] in stubhub

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I tried selling them at a reasonable price just for them to be bought and resold at a higher price 🙄

If I perform an original arrangement of a public domain classical piece, do I have to get it copyrighted beforehand? by AdMean5961 in copyrightlaw

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as you say, it’s enjoys copyright protection just by being set in a tangible medium, but if you wanted to sue someone for copying it, you’d have to have it registered. you can still register after the fact, but sounds like you might be more at ease if it were registered from the beginning

Can someone please grade my assignment? by [deleted] in copyrightlaw

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i’d be interested in reading. i just don’t want to download anything

Is anyone else struggling? by edwardleto1234 in arcadefire

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I love arcade fire and arcade fire’s music and nothing in the world can ever change that

wtf is dobs real name? by [deleted] in MitchellAndWebb

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I’m wondering if this is because of Mista Dobalina, Mr Bob Dobalina?

Some….. birds? by rabbit1213t in drawing

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super nice crosshatching and character on their faces

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in arcadefire

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Have you checked out their tik tok? they’ve gone live at shows a few times and posted about a “secret” pay-what-you-can show in NY.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Yeah no, if a couple has been married for a long time and they still feel like they want to celebrate their love in a cute, harmless way, they definitely shouldn’t be allowed. pff…creeps.

Just drew this of Ancient Rome, any advice? by LeventeTheGamer in drawing

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check out drawing with a string and a push pin for perspective. seems like you would be good at it. I like your drawing

How to start with high register (beyond 1st position on G string) by spacetime_navigator in doublebass

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The book The ABCs of bass for the absolute beginner has music and exercises ranging from 1st to 3rd position. -it’s basic- but it’s helpful. Ive been doing my classes on zoom since the pandemic started and it has been going really well.

What are your top three arctic monkeys lyrics? by novokanye_ in arcticmonkeys

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“when you were just about to be kind to someone because you had the chance”

Questions from a Beginner by ClarinetRoach in doublebass

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Get a teacher. If not, at least watch A LOT of technique videos. don’t hurt your hand. it is very easy to hurt your hand. Don’t practice until it hurts, especially if you’re not sure if your position is ok. There’s a book called the abcs of bass for the absolute beginner. it’s a kids book, but i learned with it as an adult. good to get you started with some beginner songs while you complement with etudes for technique from a Simandl or similar book.

YouTube is slowly becoming unwatchable by Anikan2002 in unpopularopinion

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Ads on youtube are not trivial to block. I have been trying for months to stop seeing ads for a particularly vile online game. I have clicked on every blocking option i am given. The ad goes away for a week or so and then comes back. It is maddening.

Say what you will about this album this song is amazing. by elechner in arcadefire

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I adore AF and I love some of the songs on this album. The tour for it was fantastic. the rendition of WDDL was 👌! However, other than WDDL, EN and electric blue, i have to agree 🙊 the lyrics are kind of corny