Newsom forms new group to fight 'rising authoritarianism' in red states by fireinthexdisco in politics

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A Trump nomination means, imo, that the Dems should field someone new. That way, in 2028, DeSantis would (likely) be up against an incumbent.

If it's DeSantis in 2024, sure, throw Biden back out there.

Community Q&A - Get Your Questions Answered! by alienleprechaun in DnDBehindTheScreen

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I am going to be taking over DM duties soon. I want to have a physical aspect to puzzles (think cryptex, or wood block puzzle, lockbox, what have you) but one of my players telecommutes. How can I adjust puzzles to keep him entertained and allow him to have input?

A character temporarily turned into a lindworm through a potion and the party needs a linndworm-tooth for a quest. Would you allow them to just rip out the tooth of the player-lindworm and use it? by Snivythesnek in DMAcademy

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Should the tooth just revert back like the rest of the body once the time is up? Should it work but the pc will have a missing tooth in his real form?

Both of these, with the repercussions of a quest not actually completed.

Episode Discussion • Love Is Blind S4 • S04 E5 "Paradise Lost" by MadManxAdam in LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

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Kwame says he likes Zack after Chelsea calls him creepy or whatever, if I'm remembering correctly

Episode Discussion • Love Is Blind S4 • S04 E5 "Paradise Lost" by MadManxAdam in LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

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I kept mixing up names, particularly calling Paul the name Brett to the point I thought there was another white guy I was mixing up and that there were two Bretts on the season. My sister corrected me and the next moment the subtitles literally listed something Paul says while in the pod as [Brett]. Not just me, then.

What are your favorite fan edits of all time and why? by Darth_Zounds in fanedits

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What would you tweak? It's also one of my favourites, I think the remaining issues I have with it are source material.

I know someone in this group will appreciate this by toast510c in insects

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I'm pretty chill with most bugs but I do not fuck with earwigs, they skeeve me out man

Great art though

When people say landlords need to be abolished who are they supposed to be replaced with? by battleangel1999 in NoStupidQuestions

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I don't think anything makes it special, just that post-WWI the social democrats were elected and stayed true to promises so it became standard. It's like in Canada with universal healthcare, we've had it for so long that it's a given for us. Taking away our healthcare is a no-go, even for the conservatives (though for some reason they seem to be trying now). Austria has had a good, successful social housing system for so long that taking it away would be ridiculous.

I'm not an expert, mind. This is just my thoughts on it. Basically less that they're doing anything unique and more that it was given the opportunity to flourish. If anything they've done is special, it's the diversity in housing. It's not just drab giant concrete buildings, but nicely designed apartments and homes with actual green spaces.

I think Finland has also done a good job, Second Thought has a video on it.

The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase - Episode 20 | Discussion Thread by Taz-McTazFace in TAZCirclejerk

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Oddly certain things they said and the way they sounded here really reminded me of Livingtree episode 47, Gnome Problem, Guise.

Have we reached the singularity?

1 Year Ago, Charli XCX Released CRASH by Due_Average4164 in popheads

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Yuck is awesome, she can make whatever and I'll be there

Australian Taskmaster Season 2...??? by Altruistic_Second511 in taskmaster

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I'd put it on IFC, where Comedy Bang Bang was aired.

Australian Taskmaster Season 2...??? by Altruistic_Second511 in taskmaster

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It'd have to be the same thing as UK, where they have a couple big names and then some lesser known people to fill out the cast.

For sure, the improv crowd can be insular but, as listed, there are larger crowd drawers that would absolutely work. Plus, though some might not know names, I'd bet that a lot of the people I am referring to would at least be recognisable as "oh, they're from x show!"

A couple of years ago I would have said it would be better off as niche, but the name of Taskmaster alone I think is enough to get people to watch now. Probably not to the same viewership extent as the UK, but you get decently known comedians as TM and TMAss? I'm sure you'd have a decent crowd checking it out.

But also I know nothing and I already love every iteration of the show I've seen. And, anecdotally, everyone I've introduced it to can't get enough.

Australian Taskmaster Season 2...??? by Altruistic_Second511 in taskmaster

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The American improv community is perfect for Taskmaster. As everyone always says, the Dropout crew would be great, and along the lines of PFT people associated with Earwolf would probably be excellent as well. UCB, Groundlings, Second City.

Beyond that there are obviously others who would fit the format, eg Conan, Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro, etc etc.

It's all in the casting and there are definitely comedians available that would work.