Anyone know when doors open tonight in Chicago? by pinkerton_96 in brighteyes

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Thank you! Also, is the show itself actually outside?

What is the story behind the recording process of “The Big Picture“? by vernalpond in brighteyes

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I don't remember him talking about this; he mentioned writing tons of verses for this song, and this era of songwriting in general, but I don't remember that.

What’s your favorite song? by TheFaintOfHeart42 in brighteyes

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I'm really interested in this. How do you think it changed you?

Daily Song Discussion #99: Steadier Footing by beardlesshipster in DeathCabforCutie

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This is not the third track from this album, it's the first.

THE most underrated of Kings work… by TheGreatHoz in stephenking

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I loved parts of Duma Key, and there were parts I really didn't like at all. It's a very conflicting book for me.

[For Sale] Snail Mail, the Replacements, Green Day, Dinosaur Jr., The Beatles, Better Oblivion Community Center, Modest Mouse by pinkerton_96 in VinylCollectors

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Modest Mouse- 2015 pressing.

BOCC- 2019 pressing

Green Day - 2022 pressing

Dinosaur Jr- Purple Swirl color from 2021.

The Replacements- 2016 pressing

Snail Mail- 2019 pressing

"Four Winds" strum pattern off of Cassadaga by pinkerton_96 in oboards

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Thanks a ton, from a novice guitarist who love Bright Eyes.

My favorite part about learning guitar is learning their songs at the same time.