Is there any connection between Luffy and Beetles? by giggleslovesu in OnePiece

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Just a running gag highlighting his childish side. Doesn't really have any connection to the story.

What’s something you believe you may be in the 0.1% of? by ImLostInTheForrest in AskReddit

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Not a very interesting power but typing over 160 words per minute. Don't know the exact percentage I am in though.

💀 by Aldrich_Bryan in tbatenovel

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Hahaha.... please I just Arthur to be happy

Someone obviously has thought hard about it! by abys93 in GrandBlue

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What about a traditional style wedding underwater?

Our Konosuba cosplay ^^ Megumin by me Aqua by AnastasiaKomori by MurrningGlow in Konosuba

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Love how you actually used wraps instead of white stockings, makes a large difference. Looks great!

When TurtleMe didn't add Art×Varay scene. by An_IshD2 in tbatenovel

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Turtleme knew what would have happened to the community if he added that scene. He did it to save us from the horni.

Is Arthur ever shown using sound magic? by pokedark101 in tbatenovel

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Don't worry, that's something we're all guilty of

Some recomendations by its_me_davo in tbatenovel

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Try some of the fanfics on wattpad, I recommend Summer Break. It's pretty good.

Cadell vs Taci by Aether678 in tbatepatreon

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Arthur beat Cadell with room to spare, but he just barely managed to beat Taci even with an environmental advantage. Taci wins easy, but it might actually be closer if all scythes fought against him.

Where do you guys think Arthur is right now? by RandomGuy_980 in tbatepatreon

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I dont think he's in Dicathen yet as he still needs to get 2 more runes and isn't strong enough to face against the asuras or agrona.