Nicest sit-down restaurant at 2 am? by bringthelight2 in vegaslocals

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Herbs and rye used to be the Venetian. That — was the late night spot.

Frank Kozik, artist for The Offspring, Nirvana and Green Day, dead at 61 by haddock420 in Music

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Bummer - I have a few of his prints and toys, he’s behind a lot of stuff RIP.

Sphere from palazzo by Manley1979 in vegas

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Looks like a deflated beach ball.

My oil painting of Gatorade by [deleted] in pics

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I can taste the cool blue. Well done.

Bugs by kevork567 in LasVegas

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Sorry couldn’t help it. I would recommend a pest guy.

Bugs by kevork567 in LasVegas

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There’s no bugs in New Jersey?

Homeowners Associations: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by BoogsterSU2 in television

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Agree. Where I live half the homes are owned by out of state/country investors. Great for them but they and their renters have zero care or pride about the neighborhood. The HOA keeps a balance.

Photo shows ’emaciated’ Las Vegas entrepreneur Tony Hsieh holding whippet canister by vt9876 in vegaslocals

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That’s tragic. Doesn’t seem like he had anyone around him with good intentions.

Woman suing Las Vegas Wendy’s after she says hamburger broke her teeth: lawsuit by vt9876 in vegaslocals

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Yes she got 9 years and the husband that bought the finger got 12. I think she got out early and was on to another con.

Friend won 70K on a slot by [deleted] in vegas

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Mr. Papagiorgio?

Why is it so damn hard to find housing? by [deleted] in vegaslocals

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The Vegas subs have a lot of miserable people.

How to deal with semi truck parking on streets? by kuikilla86 in vegaslocals

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The only luck I have had is consistently reporting them. There is a semi who parks in a school zone blocking part of the two way stop near me. The drivers don’t give AF. I share in your frustration.