Maybe Maybe Maybe by esoterix_luke in maybemaybemaybe

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You have to use the ~ to get the strike through

You can never be too careful on Tinder. by Catastray in quityourbullshit

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Why did that opener prompt that response? I don’t understand.

Designed to put one less cookie in box. by dunklebean in mildlyinfuriating

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I’m gonna say no, because lots of other packaging is just like that without the big hump in it

So smooooooooooth by Anime_Gandalf in mildlyinfuriating

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What do I Google to see a photo of this?

Karen Demands I Get Out Of My Wheelchair *A Follow On To "My son wants a ride in your electronic wheelchair. Get out so he can have a go." Megatron Karen Returns by fredzred in entitledparents

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And OP has about 1000 other “Karen” stories. This is either made up, or this poor person has to deal with a lot of shitty people.

This blanket. by ubiquitousGOAT in HelpMeFind

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Maybe the person who made it put it into packaging? When I gift blankets I made, I put them in old comforter bags.

This blanket. by ubiquitousGOAT in HelpMeFind

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It kind of looks homemade to me. Any chance of that?