United XI vs. Nottingham Forest: Heaton, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Martínez, Shaw, Casemiro, Fred, Fernandes (C), Antony, Garnacho, Weghorst [EFL Cup Semifinal, 2nd Leg, Old Trafford] by LebHeadSinceWilma in reddevils

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Not ideal for Varane to play tonight certainly, but he has been rested completely for the last two matches and hasn’t played in 10 days. So he could do with a run out to stay sharp at this point really. Hopefully he’s one who gets 60 mins and then comes off.

Licha’s post match interview by AJ-Naka-Zayn-Owens in reddevils

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That’s interesting to hear re VDB. Up til recently, there’s really been no place for him in the XI because his midfield partner can’t carry him defensively. Now that we have Casemiro, it feels like we can have a more advanced energetic CM alongside him, in the role that Fred played yesterday. I feel that VDB would be an even better player for that position when we aren’t up against a big team, and we’re trying to break down a low block.

[Statman Dave] - Casemiro’s game by numbers vs. Tottenham Hotspur: 85% pass accuracy 70 touches 10 ball recoveries 4 ground duels won 3/4 long balls completed 2 interceptions 1 clearance Protected the back line brilliantly. 🇧🇷 by AJ-Naka-Zayn-Owens in reddevils

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I can’t get my head around seeing the other CM so consistently far up the pitch (Fred in tonight’s instance). I’m so used to seeing both CMs just contributing so little in the final third. But with Case sitting deep, suddenly we have an extra player to overload in the advanced areas.

UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying draw - Groups Stage Draw Results by dragon8811 in soccer

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Shame Belgium and Wales weren’t drawn together, would have loved to have seen De Bruyne’s reaction.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ManchesterUnited

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Sheringham and Giggs got the assists that night, but they did indeed originate from Beckham corners

Yes please by UserAnonPosts in HouseOfTheDragon

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Is he supposed to look similar to Jon Snow? Are we heading down a path where we find out where Jon Snow gets his looks from? I’ve not read the books, but if she has a baby with him, that baby will be Jon Snow’s ancestor right?

Games Played by After_Associate_8587 in GolfBattle

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I’ve played 17,000 games in the 1,385 days I’ve owned this game. So that’s just over 12 games per day on average. 🤓

🔥🔥 This beautiful iridescent Pileus Cloud (or Scarf Cloud), filmed in Haikou, China. by [deleted] in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Why does this sort of stuff never happen above like High Wycombe or Bishops Stortford

Given that a Harry Potter spin-off series has been apparently confirmed by Warner Brothers, who would you like the spin-off to focus on. by TheChamberOfHugs in harrypotter

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I agree, learn more about the bravery of characters known and unknown in their youths. Would love to see what Fabian and Gideon were like etc.

Most unintentionally funny scene by gilette_bayonete in TheWire

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There’s a blink and miss it funny moment with Bubbles, when he takes Sherrod back to school and says to the vice principal: “He need to be here though, ain’t no bout a doubt it”

American tourist brings swimsuit to 2000 year old Roman bath expecting to relax in them by Unfair_Bread_7744 in facepalm

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Modern, hygienic facilities, yes. But the same natural hot spring used thousands of years ago by the romans. It’s amazing there!

My favourite T-shirt! by Chapperdeemus in FlightOfTheConchords

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Ah man, I can’t remember, had it about 12 years, some random website probably.

What’s one thing you’ll never do no matter what? by Gintoki_samura1 in AskReddit

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Don't ever, for any reason, do anything to anyone for any reason ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been... ever, for any reason whatsoever...

season 4 is gonna be insane by ilovehamilton3000 in SuccessionTV

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Are they going to be jumping over a shark I wonder

Been playing PT for 2 decades, and... by Dauss in pockettanks

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Scorcher is so powerful if it can wrap around something. Really effective when your opponent is on an elevator, hot seat or some sort of very small floating island.

Battery gets more and more powerful with every bounce it makes before reaching your opponent. If you can get it to bounce at least twice before getting close to them, it will do big damage.

Been playing PT for 2 decades, and... by Dauss in pockettanks

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Always wondered why occasionally the cauldron would give me so many more points, could never work out a pattern. Thanks!

Similar to Crackdown and Fire in the Hole: The following are also much more effective when the opponent has no land beneath them:

Mower, Meltdown, Laser Battery, Mega Reaction, Firefly

[MEGATHREAD] Lisandro Martinez by PresidentSamSeaborn in reddevils

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He reminds me of Ayala and Mascherano, small in stature but doesn’t let that stop him from competing as a CB, and is great on the ball.

Daily Discussion by PhelansShorts in reddevils

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Another point that suggests Martinez would be considered for midfield, is that I think yesterday ETH said the club were looking at strengthening the midfield and the attack. He didn’t mention defence.