This is great by DannyCavalerie in chicagobeer

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Roaring Table makes some damn good beer

NDD Luke Humphries newer set 24g by [deleted] in Darts

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Looks great! What flights are those?

Plan accordingly by steve42089 in illinois

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LOT issues Winter Storm Watch valid at Dec 22, 6:00 PM CST till Dec 24, 6:00 AM CST


New set up! - thanks for all the suggestions by Effective-Cable2047 in espresso

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Love the cabinet/cart too! Got anymore details on it?

First attempt at a Chicago tavern-style 🍕 by DamnShaneIsThatU in Pizza

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Chicagoan checking in. The pizza you see in this post is the style we're eating 95% of the time. Growing up, my family probably had deep dish 2-3 times a year or when someone out of town is visiting.

The deep dish varieties you speak of are just coming from different restaurants. Lou's is on the thinner side of deep dish where as Giordano's has thicker crust and more cheese. Lou's my favorite and is the spot I take people who want to try deep dish.

Sometimes a Tombstone just hits the spot. by MacDoober in Pizza

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The UP was the first place that came to mind