Anyone with a 2008+ Lancer ES. Can anyone do me a favor and check under to see if the bottom engine mount is supposed to look like this. Its just weird that the mount looks bent. by johnnewburg in mitsubishi

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The reason why im asking is because I'm feeling a lot of vibrations on the steering wheel and dash when the AC compressor is turning on recently. I have a bad feeling there is a bad mount.

Thomas Friedman to CNN: US potentially heading to 'second Civil War' by CharyBrown in politics

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Remember everyone said that in 2016, there hasn't been a war at all.

4G94 or 4B11 Lancer? by NashvilleHotTenders in mitsubishi

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If you have the motivation to drive a manual. Ignore the haters. They are probably think a manual will be hard for you. It's not and you will missing out the fun and the extra reliability. The internet is the best thing learn how to drive a manual. Once you find your sweet spot, you will remember it, just like when you learned how to drive.

Engine Break-in Miles: ECO Yea or Nay? by RevGRAN1990 in mitsubishi

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I say drive it gently like what the dealer or manual recommends. I know today a lot of manufacturers do the break ins at the factory, so technically it's fully not necessary, but if you want to get the maximum life out of it, I say do it. Will it destroy the engine if you nope? Nope. I'm sure the manufacturers took that into consideration.

I know a lot of cars limit their power for that reason for a certain amount of miles.

Attempt to fly by simply welding wings and tail by Dr_Apk in IdiotsInCars

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You need thrust too you know. Always wonder why planes fall when their engine fail? That's why.

Somehow a whole wrench found it's way into the tire. .. by Scully40 in Wellthatsucks

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And its on the sidewall too, pretty much its impossible to repair.

The Trump campaign is reportedly 'discussing contingency plans to bypass election results' by ohnoh18 in politics

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I doubt he's doing that. How will be "Bypass" results. I think this is just a hit piece and I never been to this news site before.

I just confessed to my best friend and I'm not even bothered she said no! by RickMojo in CasualConversation

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Now that is good pain to feel. I hope you will find someone that loves you in the future :)

Republicans Claim Addressing Climate Change Is Too Expensive. Americans Aren’t Buying It, a New Poll Shows by pnewell in politics

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I'd rather get a bigger paycheck to pay my bills, rather than be in debt over expensive government research.

Before you respond, think about others that are not struggling thanks to a bigger paycheck they have gotten for the past few years.

Bottle drop. by ulricz in Unexpected

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How in the world did it fall in the first place?

Chased to my car and spit on by [deleted] in PizzaDrivers

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Man. If I were you, go to Indeed and find another Pizza delivery restaurant that is hiring and actually cares about you safety. If your manager does not care about your own safety, then she does not know to run a restaurant properly. I would have pressed charges since that person was known to be dangerous. He would have been out of the streets for good.