Heres my favorite song off every album! Comment yours by sandcrawler2 in AnimalCollective

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Spirit - Untitled

Danse - The Living Toys

Hollinndagain- I see you pan

Campfire songs - Queen in my pictures

HCTI/Ark - Infant Dressing Table

Sung Tongs - Kids on Holiday

Feels - Did you see the words?

Strawberry Jam - #1

Merriweather Post Pavilion - Brother Sport

Oddsac - Mr Fingers

Centipede Hz - New town burnout

Painting with - Vertical

Tangerine reef - Jake and me

Time Skiffs - Prester John

Next album - Magicians from Baltimore


Grass Ep - Fickle cycle

Prospect Hummer - It’s you

People Ep - Tikwid

Water curses - Street flash

Fall be kind - I think I can

MOTW - man of oil

The painters - Jimmy Mack

Bridge to quiet - piggy knows

Super holistic market - Dreams

My Girls in the Super Mario 64 soundfont by NintendoSixtyJorts in AnimalCollective

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Your #1 cover it’s god tier whatever you do I’ll listen

Every one claims one album by RonaldoHimself in Music

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Feels animal collective, cause it the goat