Lineup for the last game this season by ash663 in Gunners

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Thank you ash663 for your submission to r/gunners, but it's been removed due to one or more reason(s):

Line up must be in the title of the post

Please feel free to send a modmail if you feel this was in error.

Add-on support in a docker container? by Malkaw in homeassistant

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I had similar issues with Zigbee and Zwave.

What I'm doing instead is running those two dongles off a spare Pi I had, then hooking it in to HomeAssistant on my Synology.

This let me move the Pi to a central location while maintaining my current setup.

The results of the first and last /r/gunners season prediction contest! by Eabryt in Gunners

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Unfortunately that appears to be the case. They really botched this decision. Luckily we grabbed the top standings before the killed it, but the fact that the removed any support for it is disappointing.

Foreign currency exchange? by Highlander2891 in raleigh

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Coastal doesn't actually do foreign currency exchange last I checked.

I believe AAA will do it for anyone, but charges a fee if you're not a member.

Also I think you have to do a minimum of $200

Android Authority: I'm never investing in Google's smart home ecosystem again by ya_bewb in googlehome

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Yup. I explored it a year or two ago but never did much with it. Now that Google has killed off Detect it's given me the kick in the pants to go all in with HA.

[Discussion] What A Day - "Not Lovin' It" (05/04/23) by kittehgoesmeow in FriendsofthePod

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Really disappointed there hasn't been any mention of the NC legislature ramming through an abortion ban in the last 2 episodes.

To be fair to them, NPR hasn't mentioned it on Up First either.

Germany launches €49 monthly ticket for nationwide public transport by thesistodo in worldnews

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As someone who spent a few days there this spring it was awesome!

I have no idea if the public transit is good enough for locals who may need it every day, but for us it was great.

WIP: Using Home Assistant to replace Nest Guard / Secure by htchief in homeassistant

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This looks good. I'm working on figuring out what I'm replacing my Detect system with.

What did you end up going with for door sensors?

If traveling from RDU to Boston the week of 4th July when is the best time for a Gold member to book? by [deleted] in delta

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Sunday (7/2) morning would probably be cheapest

Plus we can wave as you board before me.

Can we take a moment and talk about how garbage NC Quick Pass is? by unpaid_overtime in raleigh

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(~5 years lifespan)

Looks around nervously with my EZPass from 2012.

Offline with Jon Favreau (PSA & crooked media) & John Green by JdHpylo in nerdfighters

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It took 17 minutes for John to bring up TB. I think that might be a record for him.