[LF] Produce Starts/Seeds [FT] Bells, NMT by Stone_Monarch in ACTrade

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hi! i can trade potato, wheat, carrot, and sugarcane! interested?

Hypomanic Irritability by [deleted] in bipolar

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as someone who has been on abilify and absolutely hated the medication, it’s definitely worth looking into other options. antipsychotics are tricky and are not normally a long term solution, but they helped me recover from my manic episode and learn how to control my irritability. ability was a demon drug for me, but after two other attempts i finally found the right antipsychotic. i have no side effects and i feel much more in control of my excitable emotions/mood states.

dancing with medication is not a fun game, and one that has put me through numerous side effects that were difficult to deal with. listen to your body, listen to your mind, listen to your psychiatrist, and be open to trying new things. the long term is our focus :)

best of luck to you friend

Noah plays Genshin by x_sillymasterrr in AnimalCollective

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dude you’re missing the best part, he was playing car seat headrest

forgot to take my meds, ended up feeling great by 026jm in bipolar

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thank you for this. i feel like i am so unaware of the true damage of mania because my first episode was stopped by seroquel a week in. i was given a 3 day prescription, and a referral to a psychiatrist. the seroquel absolutely killed my manic episode, but i fell into a depression. before the seroquel in my manic episode i had gotten to the point of never sleeping, i was experiencing delusions, and had an obsession that was exponentially growing. that obsession was the trigger of my manic episode. as my mania was ramping up, i began to experience a constant tight feeling throughout my body that was accompanied by shakiness. i had begun to believe that everything was a sign, which fed my obsession.

anyway, my point is i’m not truly afraid of mania. i mean i am scared because of the way mania presented in my mom, because of stories i’ve heard, and the one moderate manic episode i experienced. with that being said, i think i’ve convinced myself that i should continue to take my meds. i didn’t know that manic episodes can present quite differently, so thank you for that insight.

i think i’m going to talk to my doctor about decreasing my dosage, because when i take my meds i am almost 100% stable. possibly i could feel like i had most of my self back

forgot to take my meds, ended up feeling great by 026jm in bipolar

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yeah i’ve thought this through before. i just am hesitant to think it’s mania, because i felt like i did before i was medicated (when not depressed or manic). at least in the most recent time i forgot to take my meds. one of my most tell tale signs of a manic episode or elevated mood is irritability, which i experienced the first time i forgot to take my meds, but not the latest. the first time i forgot i was definitely in a more vulnerable place, and i was across the country. this time i was at home and happy and healthy. wonder if environment could have something to do with it.

sorry for the word vomit, just trying to work through my thoughts

DAE ever listen to a song for the first time in ages and have the feelings they felt when they first heard it come rushing back, almost like you’ve been momentarily transported back to that exact time? by FattyMayonaise in DoesAnybodyElse

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this is why i make playlists from different periods in my life so i can go back and listen to a playlist if i’m yearning or thinking about that time. i think it’s the closest we’ll ever get to time travel lol

PC Gamers by DankAssDoritos in QuadCities

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lol well i’m down to tryout tarkov if you wanna chill sometime just hmu