Afternoon sunshine in a N. California forest (3024x4032)(OC) by Alaric_Darconville in EarthPorn

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It’s actually Fern Canyon in Mendocino county - Russian Gulch SP

Randomly stopped off Highway 1 heading down the California coast and encountered this beautiful deserted beach (Hearn’s Gulch) by Alaric_Darconville in Outdoors

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There were fenced off areas above the beach I remember but not on the path down to the beach itself (though it was a slightly tricky climb)

North California coast (2595x3129)(OC) by Alaric_Darconville in EarthPorn

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I’m not quite clear on that exact distinction but this was at Jug Handle State Natural Reserve between Fort Bragg and Caspar

Sea stack off the Oregon coast by Alaric_Darconville in MostBeautiful

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This is actually 270 miles south in Sisters Rocks State Park. After seeing most of the Oregon coast it kind of amazes me how Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock get all the love and attention in terms of the Oregon coast. There is so much cooler stuff further south in my opinion, all virtually deserted.

God's Thumb, Oregon Coast [3024x4032] [OC] by wallerhilliard in EarthPorn

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This picture is taken FROM God’s Thumb looking further up the coast. I guess the shape of the cliff/formation resembled a thumb to whoever named it.