[DISCUSSION] Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix (One Week Later) by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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I'm going against the grain here but this wasn't really for me. I'm a fan of more abstract experimental stuff like Slauson Malone or Standing on the Corner but I found the rapping on this to either be too sporadic or not fleshed out enough. Some of the concepts I found to be very fleshed out like on Top Picks for You whereas others seemed to present a really cool idea but not dive deep enough to make it live up to it's potential (Wild Wild West, Knees). That being said I still love the vibe of the singles and I think Superman That sounds way better in the context of the album. I'm sure this album will grow on me after more listens but to me it falls just short of being the experimental type of thing that I dig.

[FRESH STREAM] Parannoul - Let's Walk on the Path of a Blue Cat by wavedrown9 in indieheads

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I've just gotten into To See the Next Part of the Dream. What's this guy's story is at all just one guy??

Ty Dolla $ign: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert by ARobotElephant in hiphopheads

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Was hoping for some album cuts from Free TC like Solid or Horses, but was still stoked on this. Really cool to see Skrillex and Ant Clemons in the band so casually. Imo Ty$ stays underrated as one of the best in RnB right now.

Dizzee Rascal receives honours from The Queen by stillhavehope99 in hiphopheads

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I feel like he still has bars as hard if not harder on songs like Eclipse

Kanye Interview on Cannon’s Class [PART 2] by _qwak_ in Kanye

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I feel like Nick sucks up to Ye too much to make this a really revealing interview

[FRESH VIDEO] A. G. Cook - Silver by afieldoftulips in indieheads

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Love this track so much. Really hits all the beats of early PC music for me: cute and shy lyrics, weird noises, and won't get out of your head weeks.

[FRESH VIDEO] Dorian Electra - Give Great Thanks by galaxytidesx in indieheads

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Really like this. Kind of gives me Al Cam vibes, I think they could do a really great song together.

Which deceased person, if brought back to life, would be the most surprised to learn they became famous posthumously? by shardblader in AskReddit

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One of my fave books but I found it's better the longer you take to read it. Like do one chapter a night and take a couple months to finish it for desired effect.

[SW] NOOKS buying for 578 by gogobebe_ in acturnips

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Would love to join please and thanks I'll bring a gold nugget :)

New Mura Masa x Slowthai track set to drop this week by braddf96 in hiphopheads

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Yeah the no hope generation track sounds like a 100 gecs song that didn't go all the way. 10 gecs

#WEXIT is actually the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Thoughts? by murphsauce1595 in onguardforthee

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People are going off on you cuz you’re right-wing but you do have a legitimate point. I think a lot of coastal BC doesn’t realize How similar Alberta and the BC interior are