Kanwar Yatri shows a lakh worth of Charas and says how it’s a very common practice to consume Charas and Ganja all through Kanwar Yatra | Source: Shahbaz Ansar by --5- in india

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There's nothing wrong with recreational drug use

Legally, there is. Especially when the laws can be ambiguous around possession / consumption / distribution. Not to mention Media very well knows the social narrative around drug consumption is that of a heinous activity.

You're right that there shouldn't be anything wrong with recreational use but unless the laws are changed, the narrative is always going to struggle.

Social acceptance of To each his own in relation to consumption is another battle but won't come about unless the laws first change to decriminalise it

My dad sends me stupid Islamophobic WhatsApp bullshit and lot more. What to do? by Cubestormer_IV in india

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these feelings should not cost you your relationship with your father.

Do you also lobby for the rape victims to marry their perpetrators?

Vaccination at NESCO Goregaon by ArmchairGhazi in mumbai

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Thank you, my friend. May you never have any drool on your tango!

A follow-up question, if you have any information, please. Would you know of this feedback from a recent experience?

This belongs here. by nucking__futz in JEENEETards

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Do you go here before or after the Main Trauma centre?

Non-British people on Reddit, what do you think of us Brits? by John_Cherrington4 in AskReddit

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To my knowledge, no one has beaten us at Tin Bath championship.

It is exactly what you think it is and a lot more exciting than you can imagine

Anybody know which bollywood movie this is? by [deleted] in india

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There might be a few such scenes but this one from Munnabhai might be the one you're after.

I don't know anything about Cars. by Illustrious-Spray-87 in india

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If you see the lamp, it likely means you need to start the engine. When you're new to a car, driving it can be stressful. You may be trying intermittent braking and on speedbreakers and potholes, if the car isn't moving, the engine may need to be restarted.